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7 Resources Behind Every Animator's Creativity

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Here are the 7 resources behind every animator's creativity.

7 Resources Behind Every Animator's Creativity

1. Intelligence


Intelligence was defined in numerous ways to accustom different contexts. According to Dan Erwin (2012), intelligence does not only refer to your IQ. It simply refers to your abilities to understand and apply what you've learned (knowledge), produce new ideas, plan, evaluate, and make decisions.

2. Knowledge


In contrast to intelligence, Anthony Colangelo (2014) defines knowledge as the collection of skills and information a person has acquired through experience and/or education. Without knowledge, creativity does not have any substance to work with. Gaining knowledge and experience also expands your imagination.

3. Imagination


It's true that our imagination is influenced by our knowledge and experiences. However, our imagination is not limited to what we only know. Imagination is boundless. Knowledge is like any solid substance, but imagination is like water. It can fill any void and take its shape. It also keeps flowing and can run through any crevices following the force of gravity.

4. Thinking Styles

Thinking Styles

Todd Lubart (1994) said that thinking styles exist at the interface between cognition and personality traits. People can have similar intellectual abilities but different thinking approaches or preferences in solving problems or in doing tasks.

5. Personality


Personality traits influence how we view, communicate, and express our thoughts. Our personality affects our mindset or attitude towards things which determine our beliefs, interests, drive or willingness to pursue, make or change things.

6. Motivation


Motivations and inspirations may stem from varying reasons or sources, but researchers have found that people are mostly creative at work when they are task-focused rather than goal-focused, and internally driven rather than externally driven.

7. Environment


The environment, whether outdoors, indoors, or simply your working space, greatly impacts your creativity. With the right ambiance and support system, it can encourage you to come up with ideas and work your way towards creativity and innovation.

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