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The Sales Funnel Stages for Animators

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What are the sales funnel stages? and how can you create a sales funnel for your freelance animation business?

The Sales Funnel Stages for Animators

Stage 1: Awareness

The first stage is where potential animation clients first become aware of your videos and services. They may hear about you from your social media or by word of mouth. How and why those prospects move down the sales funnel depends on your own sales and marketing ability.


Stage 2: Interest

Once your potential animation clients have learned about your videos and skills, they'll evaluate it based on their interest level. They'll think about the problem they're trying to solve and conduct competitive research to make sure what you are offering is the best fit.


Stage 3: Decision

Armed with information about your freelance animation business, your potential animation clients will dig deeper into your pricing and packaging options. Portfolios and video calls are helpful in this stage to help sway prospects in signing up for a project.


Stage 4: Action

All your work comes down to this stage, whether or not your potential animation client signs up for a project. If they didn't, the opportunity isn't lost forever. Create various campaigns to make sure you stay on top of their mind.

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