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8 Tips For Attracting Animation Clients with Google Ads

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Google ads are a great way to promote your animation services. Google, after all, is the most popular search engine, dominating more than 72% of users worldwide. It also has different advertising options that will fit any business goal – including yours!

Not only will Google ads allow you to reach more people, but they also help you measure the success of your ads while pretty much ensuring a high return on investment.

If your goal is to get more animation clients through Google ads, you need to carefully strategize how you will run your ads.

There is not one certain way to make your ads successful, but there are some things you can do to maximize the result of your ads.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve compiled for you 8 tips to create Google Ads that attract animation clients and grow your business.

1) Use Relevant Keywords

AdWords KeyWord Match Types examples

Image via The SEO Hive

Keyword research is the number-one thing you can do to increase the relevancy of your ads in 2020. The effectiveness of your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising greatly depends on the keywords that you use.

According to Susan Wenograd, a marketing veteran and Paid Media Reporter for Search Engine Journal, ads in Google search are shown according to their relevance to a search query. 

It is essential, then, to carefully choose the words relevant to your audience and business line.

When choosing keywords, keep in mind that there are four kinds of keyword matches:  broad, broad match modified, phrase match, and exact match.


This will match searches with words in any order, along with synonyms, as long as it includes the target keyword.

Broad Match

This will allow your ad to show for any keyword as long as it’s in the phrase you’re bidding on. It’s best to use this if you want more impressions. Keep in mind, though, that it might cost money to run this type of research.

Phrase Match

Your ad will show only when the exact phrase you specify is used in the query.

Exact Match

In this kind of keyword match, Google shows your ad for misspelled words, plural versions, or interchangeable keywords in search results. This will give you lower impressions but high relevance and click-through rates.

2) Update Your Keyword Matches

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Over time, your keyword matching strategy will change as you accommodate different kinds of audiences.

If you want to start a new campaign, start with a broad match. This will help you reach a bigger audience from the start. Later on, you can switch to an exact match type or a combination of other keyword match types to make your ads relevant.

You will have a smaller audience at that point, but this strategy will help you find high-quality clients who are most likely to purchase your animation services, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

3) Use Long-Tail Keywords

Answer the Public website

Don’t forget: keywords don’t have to be single words! Using long-tail keywords means less competition and a higher chance of leading your potential animation clients to convert since these are more specific to your audience and their needs. 

According to a study by Ahrefs, 29% of 1.9 billion keywords with 10,000+ monthly searches are made up of 3 or more words.

You can use the Google search bar or keyword research tools such as Answer the Public and Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to figure out what kinds of questions people ask and to find keywords you can use for your ads.

Another way to find long-tail keywords is to get into your customers’ heads and think about what they might need or look for.

4) Use Relevant Ad Extensions

relevant Google Ad Extensions

Image via Instapage

Ad extensions are a tried-and-true method to getting animation clients. These work by telling people about your animation services while also giving them valuable information.

If you want more people to notice and click on your Google ads, you can make them look better by adding ad extensions. According to Google, every type of ad extension can be beneficial to you. On average, there is a 10-15% increase in click-through rates after implementing a new ad extension.

One kind of extension you add is the promotion extension and offer a promo or discount for your animation services.

Think from your customer’s point of view. What would make them want to click on your ad? People enjoy receiving coupons, discounts, and other free offers. It makes your potential clients happy, and happy people are more likely to convert.

This also encourages customers to check out free trials and discover new products, turning them into loyal customers.

Utilizing ad extensions will make your ad stand out from other animators’ and animation studios’ and attract animation clients to make new sales for your animation business.

Don’t forget: you can also use site link extensions, callout extensions, structured snippets, call extensions, and location extensions.

5) Modify Your Google Ad Location Bid Modifiers

Google Ad Location Bid Modifiers

Image via Karooya

Changing the location bid modifiers of your Google Ad can make a noticeable difference in your ad’s performance.

In which country  are your animation services needed the most? You can do some research on this before choosing a target location.  By looking at your Google Ads analytics, you will see where your Google Ad is performing best.

If you think businesses in a specific country in Asia, for example, need your animation services more than those in the United States, it’s time for you to change your ad’s location.

You can then make more online ads targeted to your desired audience in that specific Asian country. You can use your location bid adjustments to control how often customers within a particular country or city will see it.

This way, you will save money and you will get more qualified customers. It’s a win-win!

6) Create Remarketing Audiences

How to create Remarketing Audiences

Image via Search Engine Journal

Neil Patel, New York Times best-selling author, YouTuber, and entrepreneur says that the click-through rate for remarketing is 10x higher than traditional advertising and CPC costs are 100-200x less. 

You should set up campaigns for people who have already been to your website more than once. By reaching out to an audience that has already interacted with you and is interested in purchasing your animation services, you’re likely to see conversions.

7) Don’t Be Afraid to Use Exclusions

How to use exclusions in Google Ads

Image via WordStream

Using exclusions is a great way to find an audience that’s more likely to convert and hire you to work with them. It allows you to focus your advertising efforts on people who are ready to purchase your animation services and become your customer versus those who aren’t.

For example, if you know your target audiences don’t have a high income, you can exclude people with high income from seeing your ad. You can also exclude page visitors on certain days, site searches, website actions, and more.

8) Use Negative Keyword Lists

how to use negative keyword lists

Image via Disruptive Advertising

Negative keywords, according to John Crestani, digital growth marketer, startup entrepreneur, and YouTuber, are your way of letting people know what you’re not looking for. 

Remember, when it comes to showing your ads to a targeted audience, the more specific you can get, the better. Negative keywords are more targeted and show more frequently to people who are more interested in your product.

For example, if an audience is looking for animation services but is not looking for the kind of animation style you offer, you wouldn’t want them to click on your ad that will only make you pay more and lose another potential client. 

If you have a specific animation style you provide, like, 2D animation, you wouldn’t want to attract an audience that isn’t looking for 2D animation.

In Closing

Google Ads are great to use for any kind of business, whether big or small. If you decide to pursue Google ads for your animation business, you will want to continually monitor your ads and see if you need to make necessary changes to fit your ideal clients’ needs.

If you properly maintain your online PPC campaign and experiment with the tips we suggested for your Google ads, you will surely get high-quality animation clients and an increase in sales.

If you want to learn more about promoting your freelance animation services, feel free to sign up for our masterclass and download a copy of our free marketing handbook.

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