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Top 7 Best CRM Tools for Animators

Being a freelance animator or an animation studio owner comes with its own barrage of responsibilities, from administrative to sales, that eat up time you could be using to animate instead. And more often than not, these tasks are not easy to handle.

If you find yourself going through these or you’re nervous about just the thought of these challenges, then it’s high time you use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools!

Here are the top 7 CRM tools you can consider:

Top 7 Best CRM Tools for Animators

CRM Tool #1:


Accommodates unlimited users, data, and up to a million contacts, plus it has user-friendly components and an easy-to-navigate interface.


1. Hubspot

CRM Tool #2:


Salesforce automates repetitive operations and provides targeted and personalized messaging. It also features a single view for multiple channels and a unified email, social media, phone and chat support system.


2. Salesforce

CRM Tool#3:


Zoho supports online meetings and presentations, and it has multiple artificial intelligence components to help with certain tasks.


3. Zoho

CRM Tool #4:


SugarCRM's user interface has efficient features like drag-and-drop builders, and includes sales analytics tools you can use to assess your animation clients' historical records.


4. SugarCRM

CRM Tool #5:


Ontraport allows you to store, manage and automate any type of data for your animation business. You can use task automations, drag and drop, and even pipelines to build connections between data. It also lets you view the entire history of each of your animation clients.


5. Ontraport

CRM Tool #6:


ActiveCampaign lets you automate lists, contact management and deals. You can use it to get insights on customer interactions on your website like page visits, clickmaps, and geo-tracking.


6. ActiveCampaign

CRM Tool #7:


ConvertKit is a software designed for audience building and email marketing. It lets you build a custom landing page, send personalized content, make email templates, and sell digital products.



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