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Top 7 Traits That Are Detrimental To Your Animation Career's Success

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Here are the top 7 traits that are detrimental to your animation career's success:

Top 7 Traits That Are Detrimental To Your Animation Career's Success

1. Egotistical

  • When you feel and act like you know it all.
  • You have an artistic temperament.
  • You expect your work to be accepted as is.
  • You don't provide space for discussion or improvement.
1. Egotistical

2. Approval Seeker

  • You take disagreements personally.
  • You change your point of view in the face of apparent disapproval.
  • You fail to cope with any level of criticism.
  • You can't voice out your ideas or opinion for fear of disapproval.
2. Approval Seeker

3. A Box Ticker

  • You are overly concerned in following rules and doing requirements without assessing the actual merit of something.
  • Instead of creating something new, you simply choose from existing options. You blindly follow protocol rather than taking appropriate initiative.
3. A Box Ticker

4. Procrastinator

  • You have uncertain goals.
  • You have a habit of postponing or delaying things.
  • You constantly put off improving your work habits.
4. Procrastinator

5. Perfectionist

  • You have no space for mistakes.
  • You have an all-or-nothing approach.
  • You find acceptance hard when you don't achieve your goals.
  • You procrastinate just to do something at the "right" moment.
5. Perfectionist

6. Insecure

  • You tend to focus on comparing yourself to others.
  • You're harsh and critical of yourself.
  • You often anticipate worst-case scenarios.
  • Your insecurity may show up as self-sabotaging behaviors.
6. Insecure

7. Complainer

  • You always find the flaw in everything, even if it's "mostly good".
  • Barriers are the basis of your perspective.
  • When something isn't up to your standards, you often refuse to compromise.
  • You make everything seem difficult.
7. Complainer

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