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Types of Social Proof to Use on Your Animation Website

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Including social proof on your website gives credibility and influences purchasing behavior. Read these types of social proof to use on your animation website.

Types of Social Proof to Use on Your Animation Website

1) Testimonials

This is an excellent tool that helps you attract new clients because it displays your credibility and level of expertise. It can be a form of text, images, or videos.


2) Google & Clutch Reviews

Use third-party online reviews because they make you more visible. According to Khalid Saleh, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Google & Clutch Reviews

3) Case Studies

It shows what you do and why your service is beneficial to customers.

Case Studies

4) Big Client Logos

It builds trust, credibility, and it influences the client's decisions.

Big Client Logos

5) Credentials

Personal credentials can add trust to your service. Upload your certificates, awards, and links to articles where you got featured.

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