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22 Types of Videos You Can Make on Animation Video Retainers

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Animation has the power to create anything - even if you're working on animation video retainers. Here are 22 types of videos you can make on animation video retainers:

22 types of videos you can make for animation video retainers

1. Explainer videos
2. Commercial videos
3. Social media videos
4. Tutorial videos
5. HR videos
6. Sales videos
7. E-learning videos
8. Mini-series
9. Event promos
10. Onboarding videos
11. Testimonial videos

21 Types of Videos You Can Make on Animation Video Retainers (Part 1)

12. Case study videos
13. Crowdfunding videos
14. Promo & sales videos
15. Holiday videos
16. About us videos
17. Recruiting videos
18. Company jingle videos
19. Before and after videos
20. Thank you videos
21. Tips & tricks videos
22. Email Drip Campaign videos

video types animators can make for video retainers

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