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5 Ways Animators Can Keep Clients Coming Back

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Here are 5 ways to retain your new animation clients and turn them into repeat clients:

5 Ways Animators Can Keep Clients Coming Back

1. Be easy to work with

Be easy to work with

If you're easy to work with, your clients will be more willing to work with you. Eventually, they'll be more unlikely to look for other animators or studios to fulfill their animation needs.

2. Create loyalty programs

Create loyalty programs

One of the classic but powerful ways to encourage repeat business is to create a loyalty program. Aside from encouraging repeat purchase behavior, it also tends to increase your average transaction size.

3. Offer discounts and incentives

Offer discounts and incentives

This will drive them to avail the animation service you're trying to offer, as well as introduce them to your other services.

4. Provide great customer service

Provide great customer service

Never treat your existing animation clients lesser than your new ones. You should be presenting your best customer service to every client, regardless if it's their first or 18th transaction.

5. Quick response time

Quick response time

Being immediately responsive will also make your customer service top-notch. Show your existing clients that you're always there when they need you.

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