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Top 5 Ways to Convert Instagram Followers to Sales & Leads

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Instagram is all about visuals. Hence, it is a great platform for visual artists, such as graphic designers and animators, to be recognized and build a reputation. Here are top 5 ways to convert Instagram followers to leads and sales:

Top 5 Ways to Convert Instagram Followers to Sales & Leads

1. Make It Easy for Fans to Buy.

Include a link to your website in EVERY post caption or comment, or minimally include a Call to Action (CTA) to direct users to click the link in your bio. Brand your photos with your logo.

Make It Easy for Fans to Buy

2. Always Be “Soft-Selling” Your Product With Value Propositions.

Hard sales constantly of you stating “SALE!! BUY NOW!!!” is annoying! A great way to soft-sell your item is via images of the product being used. Example: You can feature someone using your product/availing your service to show the "value" of your product/service.

Always Be “Soft-Selling” Your Product With Value Propositions.

3. Be Personal.

Always write your ad copy in the first person to connect with your customers! Also share those in-the-moment and behind the scenes photos/videos to bring your customers into your world! Being PERSONAL will increase your sales!

Be Personal.

4. Share Offers and Discounts.

Share coupon codes specific to Instagram to track sales derived via this sales channel!

Share Offers and Discounts.

5. Drive Followers to a Lead Capture Page.

It is crucial to have the link you place in your Instagram bio be a form of lead capture, whether that be a Facebook pixel placed on the page to capture that custom audience for future retargeting ads or an actual email capture form on the landing page. You NEED to have a lead capturing device in place via your Instagram bio link!

Drive Followers to a Lead Capture Page.

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