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Unlock Your Animation Career’s Potential: Master The Fastest Path To Cash

Join Our Free Live Training Webinar To Gain Exclusive Access To The 12 Vital Steps For Building a Thriving and Profitable Freelance Animation Career or Studio

Ready To Uncover The Fastest Way To Make Money In The Animation Business and Boost Your Income?

What You’ll Learn In This FREE Live Training Webinar:

The Power of Niching

Why finding & focusing on right niche is critical for your animation business growth.

Sample Videos That Attract

The importance of creating captivating sample videos to showcase your expertise.

The Conversion Machine

How a well-designed website or landing page can be your secret weapon for lead generation.

Offer They Can't Ignore

The significance of crafting compelling offers to stand out and win over potential clients.

Marketing Channel Mastery

Why focusing on one marketing channel can yield better results when starting out.

The Art of Selling

The essential skill that paves the way for lucrative animation projects and accelerated income growth.

Add-Ons For Greater Profits

The benefits of offering valuable add-ons to increase your income and bottom line.

Excellence in Service

Why delivering top-quality work and exceptional service is crucial for client retention.

Video Promotion Campaigns

Enhance your clients' business growth by offering targeted video promotion campaigns.

Video Retainer Magic

Using ChatGPT to generate innovative video ideas and establishing a stream of recurring income.

Harness the Power of Testimonials

Discover the immense impact that compelling video testimonials have on boosting credibility.

Referrals: Your Hidden Treasure

Recognize the untapped potential of leveraging your satisfied clients to acquire new clients.

Live Training Webinar FAQ

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Where is the webinar?

It’ll be on Zoom. Sign up here to get the link.

Who’s the host of the webinar?

Ben Marvazi, a 7-figure animation studio owner who’s worked with clients like Uber, McDonald’s, NASA, Walmart, Pfizer, and many others. He now spends most of his time coaching Freelance Animators and Studio Owners who want to achieve success and over $10,000 per month.
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Can I ask questions in the webinar?

Yes, there will be time for everyone to get all of their questions answered.
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Will there be a recording of the webinar sent if I can’t make it?

No, we will not be sending a recording. To get this exclusive training, you must attend the live webinar.

What if I can’t make the day and time?

If you’re truly looking to make a difference in your life and you’re not happy with where you’re currently at in your animation career, this webinar should be an absolute priority over anything else. It’s virtual, free, and couldn’t be any more convenient to attend.

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Meet Your Host

Ben Marvazi

Ben Marvazi LinkedIn
Get ready to meet Ben Marvazi - a powerhouse entrepreneur who's been crushing the game for over 20 years. Back in 2011, he founded Promoshin, an animation studio that skyrocketed to 7-figure success.
And the clients he's worked with? Let's just say they're some of the biggest names out there - Uber, NASA, McDonald’s, and more. But here's the thing: Ben's not just about his own success. He's a born leader who loves sharing his secrets with others.
And that's why he's now helping aspiring animators find their own path to glory. With years of trial and error under his belt, he's got proven systems that will take your business to the next level.
Want to learn from the best? Look no further than Ben Marvazi. With a background in marketing and entrepreneurship, he's got the perfect blend of skills to help you thrive. Whether you're a freelancer or a studio owner, he's got the training and tools you need to hit over $10,000 per month.
Ready to join the Business of Animation revolution? It's time to take your career to the next level.

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Are you prepared to reveal the ultimate secrets to rapidly increasing your income and unlocking the full potential of your animation business?

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