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What Animators Can Expect From The Freelancing Industry In 2022

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What are your plans for this year? An outlook of what to expect from the freelancing industry this year might help you determine the trends you need to hop on.

Here are what animators can expect from the freelancing industry this 2022.

What Animators Can Expect From The Freelancing Industry In 2022

Freelancing Trend 1: Surge of New Freelancers in 2022

According to Payoneer's 2021 global report, the industry saw an upswing in the number of new freelancers amid the pandemic as people find freelancing a better fit for uncertain times.

2022 Freelancing Trend: Surge of new freelancers

Freelancing Trend 2: Remote Work is Becoming More Reliable

More businesses are adopting to remote work setups. This creates more work opportunities for freelancers on a global level without leaving their homes.

2022 Freelancing trend: Remote work is becoming more reliable

Freelancing Trend 3: Freelancing to Entrepreneurship

Freelancers are starting to see their services and businesses. This is done by hiring other freelancers and building agencies.

2022 Freelancing Trend: Freelancing to entrepreneurship

Freelancing Trend 4: Smaller Freelancing Platforms

More smaller platforms are built as a professional collective of handpicked freelancers.

animators can expect smaller freelancer platforms

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