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What is Scope Creep?

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Have you ever experienced scope creep? How did you deal with it? Scope creep is commonly experienced in the freelancing world. That's why it is important to know how to use your contract to protect you and your animation business from this kind of situation.

what is scope creep?

Scope Creep

Occurs when your client demands things that are outside your agreement.

scope creep occurs when clients demand things outside the scope of your agreement

The Catch Is...

Scope creep happens in small increments. You might have already heard this line from a client: "Oh, just one more minor request..."

the catch it, scope creep happens in small increments

The Solution:

Include a clause on your contract that says any request that isn't included in the contract will require a change order or a quote for the extra work.

the solution is to include a clause on your contract about charging extra for additional requests

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