What Makes An Animation Pitch "Bad"?

Remember the 5 rules of ideation in the creative community? One particular rule that animators should follow to come up with more ideas is that "there are no bad ideas." But sometimes, there are certain reasons or factors why an idea is considered not good at the moment. Here are 9 reasons that make an animation pitch "bad":

What Makes An Animation Pitch "Bad"?

1. Irrelevant


2. Bad Timing

Bad Timing

3. Wrong Producers and Target Audience

Wrong producers and target audience

4. Too Complicated

Too Complicated

5. Has Lots of Loopholes

Has Lots of Loopholes

6. It's Missing a Good Story or Too Cliche

It's Missing a Good Story or Too Cliche

7. Insensitive or Inappropriate Content

Insensitive or Inappropriate Content

8. Change In Situation

(Company rebranding, shifting of focus or interests)

Change In Situation

9. Budget and Resource Issues

Budget and Resource Issues
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