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Where and How Animators Can Get Content Ideas

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where and how animators can get content ideas

1. Reading Materials

  • Read books/eBooks/journals
  • Check out relevant blogs/websites
animation content ideas in reading materials

2. Online Learning Platforms

  • Enroll in online courses/programs depending on the topic/skill that you're interested in
animation content ideas in online learning platforms

3. Newsletters

  • Subscrribe to emails/newsletters to get ideas delivered to you
animation content ideas in newsletters

4. Social Media

  • Engage with your audienc, determine their pain points and ask what they like to see
  • Take inspiration from other pages
animation content ideas in social media

5. Discussion and Events

  • Attend online forums
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Participate in local business networking events/animation events
animation content ideas in discussions and events

6. Media

  • Watch films/movies/TV shows
  • Listen to radio programs
  • Watch local news
animation content ideas in media

7. Testimonials and Reviews

  • Take feedback and constructive criticisms as content guides
animation content ideas in testimonials and reviews

8. Personal Life

  • Learn from personal life experiences, vacations, and life lessons from you or from other people
animation content ideas in your personal life as an animators

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