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16 YouTube Animators You Should Follow

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YouTube Animators Are More Popular Than Ever

Becoming one of the great YouTube animators takes years of work, experience, and inspiration to master.

A great source of inspiration for your animation career videos is learning from the best YouTube animators.

Some of the YouTube animators that we feature in this blog post upload their own drawing tutorials and animation projects. In their YouTube animation channels, you can draw inspiration from their autobiographies, TV show parodies, music videos, films, and so much more.

Keep scrolling to find out the YouTube animators you need to check out as an animator.

1) Odd1sOut

Odds1Out is run by American YouTuber Robert James Rallison, one of the most popular YouTube animators.

He started uploading webcomics in 2012 and started posting animated videos on YouTube in 2014.

His videos are usually about his job, as well as random, fun day-to-day experiences.

2) How It Should Have Ended (HISHE)

How It Should Have Ended is a popular animation channel among YouTube animators that makes cartoons offering alternative endings to popular films. 

How It Should Have Ended has come up with alternative endings for major films like Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Iron Man, Transformers, Jumanji, Star Wars, and many more.

How It Should Have Ended has definitely proved itself over the years. These YouTube animators have been featured on MTV News, Tubefilter, Wired Magazine, CNN, and many more.

In 2006, they were awarded Best Internet Parody for “How Superman Should Have Ended'' at the Scream Awards on Spike TV. Then, in 2010, How It Should Have Ended won the Streamy Award for Best Animated Web Series. Not bad for YouTube animators! 

HISHE has also launched its first spin-off YouTube channel, HISHE Kids, which has animated videos for kids. In 2016, 2017, and 2019 the channel and its YouTube animators were named an Official Webby Honoree.

If you’re the kind of person who’s not satisfied with some Marvel, Star Wars, DC, or Disney movie endings, or just like creative YouTube animators at work, subscribe to this channel and enjoy the movie endings of your dreams, come to life.

3) Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations is one of the comedic American YouTube animators.

On her channel, you’ll find relatable videos about her life, her traveling experiences, childhood, school, video games she enjoys playing, and random things that happen to her and her pet parrots. 

4) Domics

Domics is a YouTube channel run by Dominic Panganiban. 

Dominic is one of the Filipino comedic YouTube animators who shares his thoughts and cultural experiences such as his grade school days, Asian cultural takes, and his favorite Filipino snacks.

He started posting his webcomics on Tumblr in 2010. After graduating from college, he started his own YouTube animation channel. He now releases several videos each month, garnering millions of views per video.

5) Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is an animated series on YouTube about the life of a fat white cat and Simon, his owner.

Every video posted on this channel tells interesting stories that every pet owner will relate to.

The channel also features guides to cats  and their logic, and entertaining cat shorts.

The channel is run by Simon Tofield who is one of the English YouTube animators, British wildlife enthusiast, painter, and cat-lover.

Being inspired by cartoons, Simon started making art at a young age. He made basic flip-books to mimic what he saw on the television.

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6) Element Animation

Element Animation is a great YouTube animation channel to follow, especially if you’re a fan of the game Minecraft. 

With Minecraft being so popular, Element Animation decided to capitalize on the trend and create a YouTube channel dedicated to uploading videos with Minecraft-centric content.

On this channel, you can enjoy Minecraft animated shorts as well as general animation guides and how-to’s. 

Element Animation is a small team of animators and artists. They create 2-5 comedy animations and pride themselves on the quality of their entertaining work.

7) Yo Mama

According to Fandom’s article about Yo Mama, Yo Mama is a YouTube animation channel that uploads hilarious videos about maternal insults (a.k.a. “Yo Mama” jokes).

Yo Mama started making videos in 2011. Their channel became so popular that their fans sent them ideas for their new Yo Mama animated videos. In 2018, they made a game app called Yo Mama Arcade. 

The channel is created by Alex Negrete and Zack James while the jokes are voiced by Brock Baker.

Zack James worked at Machinima but now he works with Alex Negrete on Yo Mama & Animeme. 

Alex Negrete is part of a comedy musician YouTube group KeeptheHeat. He is also the founder of Rise9.

8) Let Me Explain Studios

Let Me Explain Studios is run by Rebecca Parham who uploads videos about her personal stories and her experiences with her fans and YouTubers in conventions.

Rebecca is an animator, storyteller, singer, and voice actress. After graduating from animation school, she became a freelance artist and started posting YouTube videos. Later on, she became the founder and CEO of Let Me Explain Studios

9) Egoraptor

Egoraptor is run by Arin Joseph Hanson who is American YouTuber, comedian, and voice actor. He first became famous on Newgrounds, a flash animation site, and has since joined the list of popular YouTube animators.

He uploads videos on his animated series named Girlchan in Paradise, Awesome Series, Lemon n’ Bill, and Sequeltis.

He also hosts Game Grumps, a comedy gaming show that he hosts with Dan Avidan. It includes shows like Table Flip and Steam Train. In the show, the hosts play video games while adding in their own funny commentary.

Arin is the founder of Real Good Touring which tours YouTube, streaming, and content creator acts around the world.

10) Jello Apocalypse

JelloApocalypse is a channel owned by Brendan Blaber and should be on YouTube animators' watchlists.

Brendan is an animator, writer, cartoonist, and voice actor. He is the creator of Epithet Erased and Anime Campaign. He is a Texas-based voice actor and writer who is well-known for the web series Welcome to... and So This is Basically...

Aside from posting videos on YouTube, he draws a comic called Cornucopia.

He also produces the Tip of the Tongue series where he gives writing and drawing tips for creative people in the film industry.

He also uploads game, movie, and TV reviews through his own hilarious animations that will keep you entertained.

11) CypherDen

CypherDen is owned by Dennise Andrea Cassura, a Filipino-born American YouTuber, artist, animator, and vlogger.

Featuring different art styles in almost every video, she uploads videos about tutorials, gaming animations, and stories about her life.

Aside from being one of the more popular YouTube animators, she also creates webcomics and posts them on Webtoons.

12) Jess the Dragoon

Jess the Dragoon, run by Shoukei Tam,  hosts Flash-animated cartoons and anime. It features episodes of Super Hero Clock, Drawn Against Time, tutorials, and other random videos.

Shoukei Tam is a Flash animator, 3D modeling and rendering artist, and digital graphics artist.

She is also known for making the 2D-animated gender-bending music video version of Frozen’s Let It Go on YouTube.

13) Rubber Ninja

RubberNinja is run by Ross O’Donovan who is an animator, artist, and voice actor. 

On his YouTube channel, he creates tutorials and his series “Social Monsters”.

He also uploads awesome videos of random cartoons and animated shorts.

Aside from posting on his channel, he is also known to be the co-host of the internet show Steam Train, a spin-off of YouTube Let's Play web series Game Grumps.

14) High5toons

High5toons is run by YouTube animators Tyson Meaney & Sam Johnson.

They are known for their entertaining animated shorts and trippy music videos.

Their cartoon style varies per video and seems to be experimental. This channel is perfect if you’re looking for out-of-the-box animations that will inspire you to try something new.

15) Proactive Thinker

Proactive Thinker is one of those YouTube animators' channels dedicated to uploading videos that have life-changing ideas from amazing books that help people live their best lives.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to read a book, you are sure to learn something new from every video of Proactive Thinker.

16) Birdbox Studio

Birdbox Studio’s channel contains short animations about the lives of people and animals in different animation styles.

Birdbox Studio is a London animation studio that prides itself in creating works of animation with fresh concepts and perfect timing. Definitely something YouTube animators can keep an eye on!

Why You Should Follow these Youtube Animators!

Whether you’re looking for art inspiration or just entertainment, the videos of these YouTube animators are sure to keep you hooked for hours.

You might even get inspired to start your own YouTube animation channel  to share your talents and perspective with the online world.

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