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6 Professional Art Desks for Animators

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As an animator, you've got a lot on your plate. You have to create drawings or 3D models, that can be used in any number of creative ways by people who may not know much about animation. 

You need to make sure that everything is the right size and shape for the desires of your clients - and if it's not,'s back to the drawing board! Professional art desks are essential for any artist looking to produce quality work at home or at work. 

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Firstly, before we get started in discussing professional art desks for animators, every animator needs to have their own workstation customized for their specific needs! The importance of having a dedicated workspace is huge, not only does it keep your tools and materials organized, but it also helps to boost productivity by allowing you to focus solely on creating art without distractions.

Before getting your animation desk - ask yourself some questions like, are you looking for something lightweight and portable? Something large and static like a drafting table? Maybe you want plenty of storage space? Or a large surface ideal for laying out large drawings or storyboards? To help you with this decision, let's dive into the different types of desks for animators!

Professional Art Desks: Animation Light Box Desk

Animators working on character drawings on an light box desk

Image by Tho-Ge via pixabay

An animation light box desk is the ultimate toy for any animator or artist! Imagine being able to draw, trace, and create in a world of brilliant, even light. No more struggling with shadows or fighting against glare - this bright and shining surface provides the perfect canvas for your creativity. 

With an adjustable brightness level, you can tailor the light to your exact needs, making it comfortable to work on, no matter how long the day. And with a clear, smooth surface, you'll be able to see every tiny detail, bringing your drawings and sketches to life like never before.

Professional Art Desks: Animation Crank Desk

purple character painting and drawing like mad on their easel

GIF by Sam C: via GIPHY

An animation crank desk is a great option for animators who like to work standing up. These professional art desks have an adjustable height, so you can set them at a comfortable level for you and your workspace. The table top can be adjusted with a crank and the floor space can be expanded or shrunk depending on what you need.

These desks are usually made from 100% solid wood, making them sturdy enough to withstand years of use without budging an inch while still being lightweight enough to move easily when needed (and if you're an animator who prefers to work sitting down, that might happen quite often!).

Professional Art Desks: Drawing Table

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Drawing tables are a popular option for animators because they provide a large surface area for drawing, painting, or sculpting. Drawing tables are usually large professional art desks with an adjustable top that can be raised to create a flat work surface. 

They are often used in art studios and art schools because they allow students to work on their projects without having to move around the room too much; this makes it easier for them to focus on their work without being distracted by other people working nearby. 

Drawing tables also come in handy when you need extra space for your equipment (like pens) or materials (such as paper). Some people use drawing tables as part of their home office setup; others prefer them over regular desks because they're more comfortable when sitting for long periods of time while working on projects like animation sequences or graphic design layouts.

Professional Art Desks: Studio Desk

professional art desks: animator sitting at studio desk with his two monitors that he is looking at

GIF by Rafael via GIPHY

These professional art desks are durable and easy to clean, making them a great choice for animators who work with messy materials like clay or paint. The studio desk has space for multiple monitors and comes with an adjustable-height monitor stand. It also has a cable management system, which can be helpful if you're working on large projects that require many wires.

The studio desk generally comes in two sizes: one for smaller projects (3'x4') and another for larger ones (4'x6'). Both are adjustable so you can change the height according to your needs. This feature makes them ideal even if you're working in different spaces at home or at work!

Professional Art Desks: Drafting Table

a drafting table with a titling top is one of the professional art desks

GIF by constant via GIPHY

Drafting tables are large professional art desks usually used by architects, engineers, and other professionals who need to draw plans. Animators find this desk beneficial as it has a large surface area so they can spread out their papers and materials, as well as adjust it to different heights depending on each animator's unique needs. Drafting tables are usually made of wood or metal in order to keep them stable while you work on them.

Professional Art Desks: Art Deco Desk

Animator looking surprised on his computer at his desk

GIF by Creative Hatti via GIPHY

If you're looking for an Art Deco desk, you may be in for a challenge. These professional art desks are very rare and very expensive. They are also hard to find because they can only be found in certain locations around the world. If you want an Art Deco desk, then your best bet is going to be eBay or Craigslist but keep in mind that these places will likely have high prices as well!

Art Deco desks are known for their beauty and elegance; they were designed during an important time period of history when many artists were growing more refined with their work and wanted something more refined as well. The designs were influenced by architecture from France while incorporating other elements like nature into them as well (which explains why so many of them look like trees).

What Makes Great Professional Art Desks

a neat long desk with a chair next to a window with the curtains blowing in the wind

GIF by Daryl Alexsy via GIPHY

When on the hunt for the perfect art desk, it's all about finding the best setup for your creative genius! You want a desk large enough to house all your tools and supplies, so you don't have to worry about having a cluttered work area and losing focus. But what's the point of having all that room if you can't adjust the height to your liking? 

Find a desk that allows you to work at different heights and feel comfortable while you create your masterpieces. A desk with storage is like hitting the jackpot! No more searching for pencils or paper clips - it's all in one convenient place. And let's be real, as much as we love our coffee, spills happen. 

Make sure to choose a desk that's easy to clean so you can quickly get back to your work. And if you're feeling like a change of scenery, go for a desk that's easy to move around. Don't let price get in the way of finding the perfect desk. Remember, investing in quality materials will pay off in the long run and make your art workspace a joy to use every day!

Professional Art Desks for Animators

animator working on computer and sketch pad at her professional art desk

GIF by amelietour via GIPHY

As you can see, there are different types of professional art desks available. The best way to choose the right one for your needs is by understanding what each type offers and deciding which features matter most to you. 

If you're looking for something basic but sturdy, then perhaps a drafting table or traditional desk would work best. If space is an issue or the budget tightens up then consider going with an art desk with a hutch instead (but remember that these tend not to be as sturdy). Finally, if all else fails go back to basics and build yourself one from scratch!

For more information about professional art desks for animators, as well as answers to any other questions you might have, be sure to follow our blogs, check out our free masterclass, and our Animation Business Accelerator Program, download a copy of our free marketing handbook, and check out our blog on “How to Start an Animation Studio”!

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