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8 Popular Animation Dimensions You Should Know

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"Animation styles are the visual fingerprints of storytellers, reflecting their unique creativity and vision."

Glen Keane

In the ever-evolving world of animation, every facet carries substantial weight, especially when you're a budding animator or a growing animation studio. One of these pivotal aspects is the diverse universe of animation dimensions. 

The comprehension of these dimensions can significantly bolster your creative prowess, providing your animation business with the edge it needs to thrive in this dynamic industry. This blog post aims to delve deep into the realm of animation dimensions and present an insightful perspective that can assist in expanding your horizons.

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Body: A Detailed Guide Through the Animation Dimensions

1. The Charm of 2D Animation

a smiling orange tiger running representing the 2d animation dimensions

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The beginning of our journey through animation dimensions is marked by the time-honored classic that is 2D animation. This style serves as the foundation for a plethora of beloved cartoons and movies that have marked the childhoods of many and continue to do so. 

Despite the digital advances of the modern era, 2D animation maintains its charm and relevance, particularly in mobile and web-based animations. The simplicity of 2D design combined with a creative storyline can create lasting impacts on viewers, making it a profitable venture for any aspiring animator or animation studio.

2. The World of 3D Animation

5 blue 3d fish with bubbles on them all swimming next to each other in sync


As we progress further into the scope of animation dimensions, we enter the world of 3D animation. This technique adds a layer of depth to the 2D plane, enhancing the animation with realistic detailing and movements. 

The rise of the film industry, video games, and virtual reality have significantly bolstered the popularity of 3D animation. Including 3D animation in your portfolio can provide it with a premium look and feel, attracting high-paying clients who are seeking quality and depth in the work they commission.

3. Exploring Immersive VR Animation

a boy character wearing a virtual reality headset and he's in a virtual reality world with floating objects around him

GIF by Milton Melvin Croissant III via GIPHY

Next, we step into the innovative realm of Virtual Reality (VR) animation, a technology that truly transforms animation dimensions. VR animation offers an immersive, interactive experience for viewers, creating a realm that they can explore at their leisure. 

Although the technology and skills required for creating VR animations can be complex, the ability to produce compelling narratives that capture audiences makes it a worthy investment.

4. The Intersection of Real and Virtual with AR Animation

an augmented reality scene of an animated yellow flower in a garden on the pavement in the real world and a person walks past it

GIF by Stefanie Franciotti via GIPHY

Augmented Reality (AR) animation marks the next stop on our journey. This technology creates an interaction between the virtual animation and the user's real environment, leading to an enhanced viewing experience. Its growing popularity in advertising, education, and app development makes AR a unique selling point for your animation business.

5. Full Circle with 360-Degree Animation

a 360 degree animation of a woman pouring liquid out of a bottle and onto her face as the camera swings in a full 360 degree view


360-Degree animation takes the viewer on a panoramic journey, offering control over their viewing direction. This interactive technique can significantly increase viewer engagement and make your animation stand out in a sea of standard formats. Although challenging, mastering 360-degree animation can prove to be a great addition to your animation dimensions toolkit.

6. The Art of Stop-Motion Animation

a stop motion animation of a man wearing a white suit and riding a purple jet ski with leopard print on the ocean with green mountains in the background

GIF by Lawrence Becker via GIPHY

Stop-motion animation breathes life into inanimate objects, one frame at a time. This tactile form of animation requires a careful and detailed approach, but the end result can make your work truly unique in a digital-first world. While it may be time-consuming, the charm of stop-motion and its potential to attract a niche audience makes it an interesting avenue to explore.

7. The Craftsmanship in Cut-Out Animation

a space ship zooming down to planet earth in cut out animation style

GIF by ODE Willie's Funky Bunch via GIPHY

Cut-out animation is a traditional technique that uses physical materials like paper or fabric, manipulated frame by frame to create a storyline. Despite its simplicity, cut-out animation can add a unique flavor to your animation portfolio. Its distinctive aesthetic and hands-on creation process can be quite appealing to clients looking for a more organic and less digital-centric style.

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8. Getting Hands-On with Claymation

a woman's finger touch the rose thorn and gets pricked and bleeds onto the rose leaf which falls off along with all the other leaves and the blue rose made from clay demonstrating Claymation animation dimensions

GIF by nothingisfunny via GIPHY

Our exploration of animation dimensions ends with Claymation, a type of stop-motion animation that employs malleable figures made of clay. The blend of craftsmanship and animation gives Claymation a tactile feel that digital animation often lacks. 

The effort required to mold each figure and animate it frame by frame is significant, but the surreal, playful aesthetic it can provide is hard to achieve with any other technique.

Diversifying Your Skill Set With Animation Dimensions

a desert scene with a blue sky and a mirror which zooms in and reveals a field with yellow flowers and a person with their hands running through their hair and mountains in the background

GIF by Atlas Acopian via GIPHY

Embarking on a deep dive into various animation dimensions can be an enlightening and enriching experience. The eight dimensions we've explored here are just the tip of the iceberg, with a multitude of others awaiting discovery. Using all these dimensions can significantly enhance your animation portfolio, drawing a broader range of clients, and setting you apart in a highly competitive industry.

Understanding and implementing different animation dimensions could be your game-changer. The traditional charm of 2D animation or the real-world integration of AR can attract specific client groups. Immersive technologies like VR and 360-degree animations can cater to cutting-edge industries looking for novel ways to engage their audience.

Cut-out, stop-motion, and Claymation can bring a hand-crafted touch to your work that can set you apart in a digital-centric world. Whatever your preference, exploring these dimensions can provide a broader perspective on animation possibilities and, more importantly, keep the creative juices flowing.

Diversifying isn't just about adding depth to your portfolio, but also about personal growth as an animator or animation studio owner. Each dimension comes with its unique challenges and learning curves. But with each new skill mastered, you become more resilient, adaptable, and innovative - traits that can fuel your success in the animation industry.

Expanding Your Horizons with Animation Dimensions And The Animation Business Accelerator 

a large pirate ship sails off into the horizon with the sun starting to set and other ships and clouds in the distant

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Remember, the key is to stay curious and never stop exploring. There's always something new to learn in the animation industry, whether it's a new technique, a novel dimension, or a different style. So keep pushing the boundaries and expanding your horizons. And remember, you're not alone on this journey.

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