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How to Use SMART Goals to Succeed as a Freelance Animator

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As a freelance animator, one way to get off on the right foot this year is to use this guide to write down your goals for your animation career or business. Here's how you can use SMART Goals to succeed.

the freelance animator's guide to using SMART goals


Narrow down your goals to create a specific outcome.

For example: If you want to accelerate your animation career, start learning about the business side of animation. One specific goal is to sign up for our Free Masterclass.

be Specific and narrow your goals to create a specific outcome


Track your progress as you try to reach your goals.

For example: Use a tracker or online tools like Trello or TeamWork to keep track of your to-do list and monitor the progress of your career/business.

make your goals Measurable by tracking your progress as you try to reach your goals


Doable within a reasonable timeframe and under normal circumstances.

For example: If you accept projects that are too complex for your current animation style or skill level, you risk disappointing your client.

make your goals achievable my making them doable within a reasonable timeframe and under normal circumstances


Relevant goals benefit you personally or professionally.

For example: Learning new animation styles or enrolling yourself in the Animation Business Accelerator will have a significant impact on your business.

make your goals relevant to benefit you personally or professionally


Setting a deadline spreads out goal-related work.

For example: If you want to become an expert with the Maya or Blender software, you should devote two hours of your time, every day, for the next five months to learning the program.

make your goals time-based by setting a deadline

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learn the business side of animation by signing up for our free masterclass
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