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Speeding Up Your Workflow: The Benefits of Speed Animation

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Get ready to turbocharge your animation skills! Timing is everything in the world of animation, but waiting for each frame to render and playback can feel like an eternity - especially when you have a ton of layers or a slow computer. 

Fear not, because speed animation is here to save the day! With this awesome technique, you'll be able to work smarter, not harder, and produce amazing results in no time. No more mistakes that slow down your process and cost you money. So let's strap in and take a wild ride through the world of speed animation - your animations will thank you!

The Advantage of Speed Animation

girl working fast on her computer using speed animation methods

GIF by khaihongng via Tenor

As an animator, you can up your animation game with speed animation. This style is perfect for designers and animators looking to improve their skills and become more efficient. Think of it as a thrilling adventure, where you'll be forced to think fast and come up with creative solutions to problems that arise on the fly. 

It's like a game of high-speed problem-solving, where you'll be pushed to think outside the box and develop new ways of working. Your skills as a designer or animator will thank you.

This is especially true if you're working in an industry where time is money - such as advertising or video games - and being able to work efficiently can lead directly to better results for clients or employers.

How Speed Animation Benefits Your Workflow

man with bug eyes working fast with four arms using speed animation for his workflow

GIF by La Guarimba Film Festival via GIPHY

Speed animation can be a great way to increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow as it reduces the amount of time spent on a project, as well as the number of mistakes made. It also helps reduce the amount of time spent on revisions, allowing for more time to focus on other projects in your pipeline.

Methods for Speed Animation: Correct Size

methods for speed animation is correct size for characters such as this yellow bird that enlarges rapidly


One of the most important things you can do to speed up your workflow is to work at the correct size. This means that if you're working on a 2D project, you should be animating on paper (or digitally) at the same dimensions as your final image will be when it's finished.

If you are not doing this, there are two main consequences. Firstly, you'll have more work to do later on in order for everything to line up properly; and you risk making decisions based on incorrect information because things will appear larger or smaller than they actually are.

Methods for Speed Animation: Duplicating and Flattening

Using duplicating and flattening in software for speed animation

GIF by Rizvanov via Tenor

Duplicating layers is a good way to speed up your workflow and reduce file size, but it can be helpful for animation as well. In fact, some animators use this technique as a shortcut when they're trying to make something move faster than usual. 

With this speed animation method, focus on duplicating your layer and then flattening it so that all of the contents are combined into one layer (the resulting image will look like one big blob). This makes editing easier because there's no need for lots of different layers; instead, everything is contained within just one layer which makes things simpler overall. 

You'll notice how much lighter in weight your file becomes once done - which means less time spent waiting while files upload onto websites like Twitter or Facebook!

Methods for Speed Animation: Guides and Alignments

Using guides and alignments on this pink bird for speed animation

GIF by SVGator via GIPHY

Guides are a great way to keep things in alignment. If you are working on an animation, for example, and need some objects to align perfectly with each other - such as the top of one person's head and the bottom of another person's chin - you can use guides to make sure that everything lines up correctly. 

Guides can also help you work more efficiently by helping ensure that all parts of an object or scene are in place before moving on to something else; this ensures that nothing slips through the cracks during production!

Methods for Speed Animation: Timing and Framing Grid

The key to perfecting your animation timing chart

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Setting up a timing and framing grid is one of the most important things you can do to speed up your workflow. It's also one of the easiest!

To set up a timing and framing grid, first, draw a line across the top of your document that represents 1 second (you can use any unit). Then draw another line below that which represents half a second. This method of speed animation will help you keep track of how long everything takes in relation to other objects on the screen so that they appear as they should when playing back at full speed.

Speed Animation Can Save You Money

jar filling up with money on a yellow background

GIF by SOMA agency via GIPHY

Working fast with speed animation in your workflow can be a real money-saver! 

Picture this: you have a tight deadline for a project and the clock is ticking. With traditional animation methods, you might be feeling the pressure, but with speed animation, you can work at lightning speed to get the job done. Not only will you save time, but you'll also save money by cutting down on the need for overtime or hiring extra help.

With speed animation, you can create high-quality animations in record time, making it an economical option for businesses looking to stay ahead of the game. So, next time you're working on a tight deadline, remember that speed animation can save you both time and money, and let you focus on what really matters - creating amazing work!

Speeding Up Your Workflow With Speed Animation

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In conclusion, speed animation is like having a superhero sidekick for your workflow. It's fast, efficient, and will save you from the clutches of a never-ending deadline. With speed animation, you can create high-quality animations in record time, freeing up more time for coffee breaks and cat videos. 

So, if you're tired of feeling like you're running a marathon every time you have a project due, switch to speed animation and join the fast-paced world of super-productive animators. Just don't forget to thank speed animation for all the extra time and money it saves you, and remember, with great speed comes great responsibility (to take more coffee breaks).

For more information about speed animation, as well as answers to any other questions you might have, be sure to follow our blogs, check out our free masterclass, and our Animation Business Accelerator Program, download a copy of our free marketing handbook, and check out our blog on “How to Start an Animation Studio”!

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