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The Costs of Your Ambition as an Animator

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the costs of your ambition as an animator


Reaching your goals requires a lot of your time. You should manage your time wisely, or else, it may disrupt your work-life balance

reaching your animation goals will cost you time

Social Life

In your journey, you will realize that it is necessary to burn bridges and to detach from unhealthy connections. Expect to have a smaller circle as time goes by.

animation ambition might impact your social life


Expect that you will experience many things in the process. You might make mistakes here and there, but these are valuable learning points.

you'll make many mistakes as an animator, but these are valuable learning points


Every animator with ambition must be ready to be doubted and be misunderstood but not willing to be defeated. Adopt a growth mindset and take criticism as feedback to learn and improve.

ambitious animators will face criticism, so adopt a growth mindset to learn and improve


Ambition is an investment. For your ambitions to pay off, it will cost you money too.

animation ambition is an investment that will cost money if you want it to pay off

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