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Top 25 Animation Blogs Worth Checking Out

The animation industry is filled with so many top-notch animators who are constantly putting out great material and unique characters. Sometimes, though, even they run out of inspiration.

To stay inspired and keep up with the most recent trends in the field of animation, artists should  constantly be learning from books, videos, online courses, seminars, webinars, conventions, and blogs. The latter of these is a consistent and easy way to get inspired and keep your animation game strong.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 animation blogs worth checking out. You can turn to them when your inspiration dries up and you need some help, or you just want to spend some time reading about your craft.

1. Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew blog

Cartoon Brew, founded by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi in 2004, posts about the latest trends, news, ideas, movies, TV shows, and visual techniques related to animation. It also keeps you up-to-date about the biggest animation studios, like Disney and Pixar.

2. Animation World Network

Animation World Network blog

Animation World Network touts itself as the largest animation blog on the internet. On this site, you’ll find a discourse on a variety of topics about the latest interviews with animators, reviews, news, and events, careers, and more.

3. AnimSchoolBlog

AnimSchoolBlog blog

AnimSchoolBlog is a great resource for learning about animation. The blog provides practical information about how animators can understand digital animation.

4. Animation Magazine

Animation Magazine blog

Animation Magazine is a comprehensive blog that covers all areas in the animation industry. 

The website regularly posts about visual effects, digital media, tech reviews, event calendar, job openings, movie guides, and licensing. Basically, if you’re looking for information about a variety of animation topics, this is your blog.

5. Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor blog

Animation Mentor is a blog that connects animators with industry experts. This is great for every animator, from novice to expert, as there’s always more to learn and discover in this line of work! It also posts animation tips and tricks, advice, and tutorials from top animators.

6. The Disney Blog

The Disney Blog blog

Disney fans: this one’s for you. The Disney Blog is made for all Disney fans and contains everything you’d ever want to know about the Walt Disney Company, their fans, history, and even their competitors and other related organizations.

7. Upcoming Pixar

Upcoming Pixar blog

Upcoming Pixar is the perfect blog for you to visit if you look to Pixar for inspiration. The blog contains all of the latest news about Pixar films.

It is also the largest Pixar fan community and a large forum where Pixar fans connect with each other about everything related to Pixar and Disney films.

8. The Pixar Times

The Pixar Times blog

If you are a fan of both Pixar and Disney, The Pixar Times is for you. This blog will help you stay updated and informed about their latest films. You can find discussion, information, and behind-the-scenes extras about Pixar’s and Disney’s famous animated movies.

You will also be able to take a peek into how the usual day of a professional animator looksin real life.

9. Toon Boom Blog

Toon Boom blog

Toon Boom Blog covers animation news, tips, and stories from expert animators.

This blog aims to help animators by building creative animation and solutions for storyboarding software to give animators artistic freedom and efficiency in animation.

10. Bloop Animation

Bloop Animation blog

Bloop Animation is a blog where animators can learn how to grow in their line of work. They offer free video tutorials, how to’s, and explainer articles about a myriad of animation topics.

11. The Animation Blog

The Animation Blog blog

The Animation Blog is a great source of inspiration for animators who are feeling stuck in a rut. They feature animated short films, music videos, movies, and television shows to help get your wheels spinning again.

Animators can search for content by categories like 2D animation, 3D animation, and video games.

12. Stash

Stash blog

Stash is a great blog to visit for ad agencies, animators, designers, VFX studios, animation studios, and animation students.

It is the largest online library of VFX, motion design, and animation. The blog has tons ofinformation and inspiration about visual effects, design, and animation.

13. Motionographer

Motionographer blog

Motionographer is the perfect blog for animators, filmmakers, and designers looking for inspiration.

The blog shares inspiring works, influential animation studios, animation professionals, industry events, and helpful tutorials. 

14. 11 Second Club

11 Second Club blog

11 Second Club is a blog loved by many animators. It contains resources for animators of all kinds and also has a forum for people interested in animation to connect with one another

Feeling competitive? They host monthly competitions where the animator participants download an audio file from the site and animate a character that best interprets the audio. The winner of the competition will win a professional critique from their animation mentor! It’s definitely worth checking out.

15. On Animation

On Animation blog

On Animation gives its readers exclusive animation insight analysis from the pros of animation.

Their content covers industry events, info on useful tools, gadgets, training programs, short films, and production art. It’s a must-read for animators who want to level-up their game and get inspired.

16. Deja View

Deja View blog

Deja View is written by Andrea Deja, a Disney animator who has more than 30 years of experience in the animation industry. In his blog, Andrea generously shares his wisdom about animation with his fellow animators.

He also offers a lot of unique art from the masters of animation such as Milt Kahl who was an American animator and was one of the team members of Disney’s Nine Old Men.

17. Tim Rudder

Tim Rudder blog

Tim Rudder is a character animator working for Sony Pictures Imageworks.

In his blog, Tim Rudder gives insights about animation tutorials and Sony-related news.

His academic, yet easy-to-understand writing style shows his knowledge and skills in the world of animation and brings it directly to you.

18. 3D Artist

3D Artist blog

3D Artist is not only for animators, but also for people interested in visual effects, modeling, motion graphics, and more.

The website provides animation resources, tips, tutorials, advice, trends, and newest software.

19. 3dtotal

3dtotal blog

3dtotal is the perfect blog to visit if 3D animation is your forte.

It contains free tutorials, news, galleries, and contests. Its lively community of animators participates in forums, discussions, and critiques on 3D animation.

20. Traditional Animation

Traditional Animation blog

If you are interested in hand-drawn animation, then you should make sure to check out Traditional Animation.

It has news, quizzes, and tons of information about 2D animation. You can also participate in forums where you can share your opinions about the craft and discuss with other animators.

It also has a Traditional Animation Show, which features video interviews with animation experts who give lessons and samples of their animation skills.

21. I Want to Be an Animator

I Want to Be an Animator blog

Are you a beginner who wants to dive into the world of animation but has no clue where to start? I Want to Be an Animator is a great blog to visit if you’re a beginner animator or an animator who wants to polish some basic animation skills.

It's written by an animator who has been working in the industry for more than 10 years.

This blog offers lessons, animation techniques, video tutorials, graphics, step-by-step tips, and exercises you can try to master some animation skills.

22. Animation Physics

Animation Physics blog

Animation Physics is an animation blog that will help you perfect how the laws of physics can be used in your animations.

Animators will be able to realistically define the range of motions while they animate objects and characters. Readers will be able to access tips, tutorials, lessons about character animation, effects, lighting, and visual effects.

23. Animation Anomaly

The Animation Anomaly blog

The Animation Anomaly is written by Charles Kenny, a civil engineer, who considers himself an anomaly in the world of animation.

With a refreshing perspective, he posts blog articles that have recurring themes about animation’s future and how it connects to digital media. 

24. Thinking Animation

Thinking Animation blog

Thinking Animation is a blog that covers every aspect of 2D and 3D animation. It is designed for animators who want to inspire others with their work, share their ideas, and learn more about animation.

It also contains career strategies for animators who want to level-up their animation skills, knowledge, and experience.

25. Animated Spirit

Animated Spirit blog

Animated Spirit is a blog inspired by Robert Henri’s magnum opus titled the Art Spirit.

The blog covers everything related to film, fine art, and animation that show the whys and hows of artists and their inspiration. You can peruse articles about inspiring artists in the industry, including veterans and young animators.

Summing It Up

There are so many animation blogs out there that you can read, draw inspiration from, and keep up with industry news from, no matter what kind of animator you are. The more material you read, the more animation skills and knowledge you will absorb.

In addition to reading blogs for your growth and development as an animator, you should check out our free masterclass and our marketing handbook!

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