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Key Aspects of Animation Quality Freelancers Need

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Animation quality has become an important part of the animation industry. In fact, it has been rated as the most important aspect of animation by many clients. If you're able to communicate animation quality in your portfolio as a freelance animator, acquiring leads might just be a walk in the park - as long as you pay attention to the right signs!

Here are some key aspects that you need to consider when dealing with animation clients so that you can animate quality animations that'll easily turn heads and convert animation leads to clients in no time.

Animation Quality Can Attract Potential Clients

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Animation quality is what the client wants, needs, and expects. It's something that your potential clients can't live without, but also something that many freelancers cannot deliver on their own. In this day and age of animation services being readily available online, you need to make sure that your work stands out from the crowd.

The only way you can achieve that is by making sure that every aspect of your animations meet or exceed expectations—including animation quality!

What is a Quality Animation?

animation quality depends on who is looking at it

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A quality animation is one that is both visually appealing and emotionally engaging. The animations should have a clear purpose, flow from one scene or idea to the next and not waste the viewer's time by repeating itself. A good animation can be appreciated on many different levels: visually pleasing, amusing to watch, educational or informative in nature and so on.

Animation is an excellent way of getting your message across because it appeals to multiple senses at once - sight, hearing and tactile experiences such as touching objects or feeling surfaces (known as haptic feedback) - which means it engages people for longer than text-based content such as words on paper or computer screens.

Identifying Your Animation Style

animation style can dictate animation quality


Identifying your animation style is a crucial step in ensuring that you are able to produce quality work for your clients. Your personal style may be represented in the way you draw, color and animate, so it’s important to identify what separates your work from others. If you don’t have a recognizable animation style, it will be difficult for clients to recognize their vision when hiring you as an animator.

The first thing to do when identifying your animation style is to think about what makes your work different from others. For example, if most of the animations that come out of your studio have characters with big eyes and simple designs, then it may be time for a fresh approach.

How Can You Avoid Animation Quality Errors

animation quality control is important to avoid errors

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Animation quality errors can be avoided by:

  • Having a good understanding of what animation quality is.
  • Identifying your own animation style.
  • Using the right tools and software in the most appropriate way.
  • Taking on a mindset that will help you think about how to make great animations, rather than just getting it done fast and cheap as possible.
  • Having the right skills for your job description (and knowing when to ask for help).

Then, communicate with your client throughout production so they know they're getting exactly what they want from you every step of the way!

Communication is key. If you have a good relationship with your clients, they will be more likely to trust you and let you do your job well. It's also important to remember that animation is not just about making things move on screen; good animation can make the difference between an experience being enjoyable or frustrating for users.

Animation Quality is What The Client Wants

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As a freelancer, it’s your job to make sure that what the client wants is what they get.

This means asking them questions and making sure you understand exactly what they want out of their animation. For example: does the client want an animated explainer video? Or do they need an animated infographic for their website? Are there specific characters or scenes from a movie or TV show that you should reference? Is there anything in particular that needs to be included in your design (e.g., text on screen, product shots)?

Ask these questions and make sure you get clear answers from the client before proceeding with any work on your end.

Sometimes, animation quality comes from more than just your animation itself. You should also make sure the client is clear about how long it will take to create their project and how much it will cost. This way, they’ll know what they can expect from you before you start working on their animation.

Animation Quality Sells.

creating quality animations will bring in the money!


It’s important that you understand the key aspects of animation quality freelancers need. The higher level of animation quality your team has, the more clients will be attracted to your services and projects. So if you want to stand out in today's competitive market, then it is vital that you invest in improving the quality of work produced by your animators and artists.

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