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Top 10 Best Animation Podcasts for Freelance Animators

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All animators go through a creative block from time to time.

There are many ways for animators to overcome a creative block which includes learning more about animation and its current trends, as well as getting inspiration from other animators’ styles and tips. This can also help you brush up on animation knowledge you may have forgotten about.

To stay in the loop and get your creative juices flowing, you can find many animation blogs, Youtube channels, Instagram pages, and podcasts that can help you kickstart your career as a freelance animator and get you out of that rut.

As a freelance animator who is likely to have their hands full, you may want to opt for consuming animation content through podcasts. 

Podcasts are becoming more popular due to their convenience as users can listen to audio episodes while multitasking.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best animation podcasts for freelance animators below that would benefit you as an animator. 

1) Animation Addicts Podcast

Animation Addicts Podcast is hosted by Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason and has been running since 2012 with new episodes released every other Tuesday.

Animated films by Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, and more are thoroughly discussed and reviewed in this podcast. The hosts also interview animation professionals about their experiences working on today’s top animated films. 

If you’re an animator who would consider yourself a Disney fanatic or would simply like to dive deeper into the art of building a popular animated film, this podcast is for you. 

animation addicts podcast on Spotify - perfect for animators who want to learn about animated classics

Photo by Rotoscopers via Spotify

2) The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast is hosted by twin brothers Tom and Tony Bancroft who are two ex-Disney animators. It has been running since August 2014 and they continue to release two podcast episodes every month.

In their podcast, the brothers interview talented animators, discuss the current and future world of animation, and share insights that can inspire animators at any stage of their career. 

This is especially helpful to up-and-coming animators who seek guidance from established animators with first-hand experience of the highs and lows of the animation industry.

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast - helpful for those who want to learn from experienced animators themselves

Photo by The Bancroft Brothers via Spotify

3) Drawn: The Story of Animation

Drawn: The Story of Animation is hosted by Holly Frey who is the cohost of Stuff You Missed in History Class, and is also an executive producer for the HowStuffWorks podcast network. This series began and ended in 2018, with a total of 13 episodes.

This podcast explores cartoons with an insider’s perspective that includes show creators, voice actors, animators, as well as business leaders. 

Be sure to tune into this podcast if you’re an animator who would like to hear more stories about women in animation, how cartoons get made, and the future of animation.

drawn: the story of animation - perfect for animators who want to learn about the animation process

Photo by HowStuffWorks and Cartoon Network via Spotify

4) The Animated Journey

The Animated Journey Podcast features animation professionals Angela Entzminger and Jeff Schuetze who interview individuals working in the animation industry ranging from television, film, and games. 

This podcast is ideal for freelance animators who have an interest in character design, storyboarding, visual development, and animators who are trying to break into the gaming industry.

The Animated Journey has been running since 2016 and ended in 2020 with a total of 100 episodes that were posted bimonthly.

the animated journey podcast for freelance animators who want to learn about the steps of what it takes to join the animation industry

Image via Podtail’s website

5) RubberOnion Animation Podcast

If you’re looking to stay updated on what’s new in the world of animation in an entertaining way, you should definitely take a look at RubberOnion Animation Podcasts which is hosted by New York animator, Stephen Brooks.

This series covers all animation news, tutorials, and even friendly animation battles that take place every month. Rubber Onion is the perfect podcast to tune into for animators who love an engaging and inclusive space to geek out about everything animation.

It has been running since 2013 and is still ongoing, with new episodes posted weekly.

rubberonion animation podcast - for freelance animators who want to tune into engaging and inclusive content for geeking out about animations

Image via the RubberOnion website

6) Skwigly Animation Podcast

Skwigly Animation Podcast is run by animation industry creatives Ben Mitchell, Steve Henderson, and Laura-Beth Cowley who are based in the UK. Skwigly is a great place to stay in touch with animation news, interviews, and reviews.

The series features interviews with some of animation's greatest talents, focusing on their personal perspective of animation, as well as covering the timeline of animation throughout history, right up to the present day. 

This is a great podcast to tune into for animators who want an insider peek into what’s going on in the animation industry, as well as an animator interested in mental health tips.

Skwigly’s been airing since 2012 and new episodes are posted monthly.

animation podcasts | skwigly is for animators who want to see what goes on in the animation industry

Image by Skwigly Animation Magazine via Spotify

7) The Visual Storytelling Podcast for Animators

The Visual Storytelling Podcast is hosted by Disney Visual Development Artist and Illustrator, Chris Oatley. 

The podcast features interviews with creatives from all aspects of the animation process, with helpful advice for animators and tips for dealing with creative blocks, such as anxiety and fear of failing.

Chris’s podcast also features tutorials that cover concept art, animation visual development, storyboarding, screenwriting, character design, etc. This podcast is the perfect listen if you’re an animator who wants to dive into the nitty-gritty process of creating an animation.

The Visual Storytelling Podcast started in 2008 and has run for 11 years, covering a total of 30 episodes.

the visual storytelling podcast is perfect for animators who are into the specifics what goes on in the animation production pipeline

Image by Chris Oatley via PodBay

8) Animation Industry Podcast

The Animation Industry Podcast is run by stop motion animator Terry Ibele, who interviews top professionals from every aspect of the animation industry (storyboarding, freelancing, directing, etc). 

This podcast covers topics such as how to successfully market your work online, the best ways to pitch a show, and the skills needed to become a successful freelance animator. 

This makes the Animation Industry Podcast perfect for freelance animators who need tips on their online presence, as well as tips for interacting with people within the animation industry.

This podcast has been running for three years now and new episodes are uploaded weekly.

the animation industry podcast if perfect for freelance animators who need tips in the animation industry

Image via Terry Ibele’s website

9) Animation Station Podcast

If you’re seeking an entertaining listen about your favorite Netflix shows, anime, and comics, then the Animation Station Podcast is definitely worth your time.

Josh, Gavin, Corey, Hanna, and Oliver sit down weekly to discuss everything animated, from TV shows, film news, debates, and reviews. As a freelance animator interested in movies, television, books, games, comics, etc., the Animation Station Podcast is perfect for you to draw some inspiration from.

Their podcast started in 2016 and is ongoing due to their in-demand podcast centered around fandom culture.

the animation station podcast website where you can draw inspiration from as a freelance animator

Image by Animation Station Podcast’s website

10) Chiu Stream Podcast

Hosted by Emmy-winning creator and award-winning artist, Bobby Chiu, the Chiu Stream Podcast covers everything about life as an artist. 

Bobby interviews various top artists working in film, animation, TV, illustration, etc., and shares his perspective on art. Animators who are interested in the creators behind their favorite movies, games, and illustrations should definitely tune in.

The Chiu Stream Podcast began in 2006, with new episodes posted every couple of months.

bobby chiu stream where animators who want to learn more about industry professionals can tune in

Image via ChiuStream’s website

Rundown of the Top 10 Best Animation Podcasts For Freelance Animators  

Whether you’re struggling with creative block or just eager to brush up on the animation industry, a good place to start is podcasts. 

Unlike videos which are also informative, podcasts require less of your attention as you can listen while tending to other tasks. This is especially convenient for freelance animators who may have their hands full. 

Animation podcasts can inspire and help you stay informed about what’s new in the world of animation. Whether you’re looking for something entertaining, more inclusive, or educational, there’s something for all animators.

 These include:

  • Animation Addicts Podcast:
    Perfect for animators interested in reviews about their favorite animated films by big names such as Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, etc., and the experiences of animation professionals. 
  • The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast:
    Great for freelance animators seeking inspiration in their career and insight into the ups and downs of the animation industry.
  • Drawn: The Story of Animation:
    Beneficial for cartoon-loving animators and animators interested in the stories about women in the animation industry.
  • The Animated Journey:
    Ideal for gaming animators interested in character design, storyboarding, and visual development.
  • RubberOnion Animation Podcast:
    Great way for animators to stay updated on animation news and tutorials in an entertaining way. 
  • Skwigly Animation Podcast:
    Perfect for animators interested in the history of animation, as well as updates on the animation industry today.
  • The Visual Storytelling Podcast:
    Ideal for animators interested in mental health tips to overcome anxieties, as well as animators who would like to know more about the in-depth process of creating an animation.
  • Animation Industry Podcast:
    Helpful for freelance animators in need of marketing and pitching tips, and the skills needed for a successful career as a freelance animator. 
  • Animation Station Podcast:
    Perfect for animators interested in Netflix shows, film news, debates, and more discussed in an entertaining way.
  • Chiu Stream Podcast:
    Beneficial for animators interested in the creators behind their favorite games, shows, and illustrations.

For more tips on how to stay inspired and kickstart your career as a freelance animator, make sure to sign up for our free masterclass and download a copy of our free marketing handbook.

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