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Top 4 Motion Graphic Blogs You Need to Know

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Milton Glaser, an American graphic designer once said, “There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” As an animator, you know this to be one of the truest statements out there. 

The ins and outs of how you make your designs have that wow factor can be debated. However, as things stand, the utilization of motion graphic videos is one of the best ways to grab attention and get out information simply and straight. 

So, let’s first define what motion graphics are and what they are most used for. 

Motion Graphic Blogs Basics

Motion graphics animate an informational graphic, graph, or web design. Now, animation does the same thing, but the end goals are different. The end goal of animation is typically to tell a story – to get the audience emotionally invested and give them a narrative to follow. On the other hand, the end goal of a motion graphic is to grab the audience’s attention and illustrate a short point. 

Motion graphics range in length from a few seconds to a few minutes. Sometimes they are seen in a GIF, such as the one below, or they can be seen utilized in a video. 

letters of the word internet getting jumbled around a yellow background

Text Internet GIF by Ryan Seslow

Some of the most common types of motion graphics include:

As an animator, learning to utilize motion graphic in your work can be hugely beneficial. That’s why we wrote this blog – to educate you on the Top Motion Graphic Blogs You Need to Know

Adobe After Effects Motion Graphic Blog

If you want to know what’s going on in the world of Adobe motion graphics, this is the place to be. This motion graphic blog features news-based articles, tutorials, graphic design posts, customer stories, and more. 

Adobe After Effects specializes in teaching you how to “make your ideas move.” Essentially, they utilize motion graphic to the max, giving users thousands of options for taking static images to the next level through movement. 

motion graphic log character with legs and eyes walking through a forest with leaves all over the ground

It’s Fall Loop by Jake

Adobe After Effects has tutorials if you’re unsure of how to use it, and their frequently asked questions page is helpful as well, but what we appreciate more than anything is their motion graphic blog. 

Some of our favorite things we’ve learned from this motion graphic blog include how to create and edit videos with Adobe Max and how to modernize titles using Premiere Pro

While these motion graphic blogs are based on learning, there are also a ton of blogs that are created to entertain and educate simultaneously.

Overall, this is a fantastic motion graphic blog to get in touch with both your intellectual and creative side while still learning a ton about motion graphics! 

Motionographer Motion Graphic Blogs

Motionographer is the perfect place for animators and others to learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques for motion graphic animations. This blog is full of tips and tricks, contains project breakdowns for various projects the Motiongrapher team has taken on, and has simple and sweet articles for those looking for a quick snippet. 

arrow pointing to humans head saying information with lines from the arrow going to the persons brain

Studying College Life GIF 

In addition, this motion graphic blog also concentrates on providing exciting animation news for those less interested in learning techniques and more interested in knowing what is happening all around the world. 

The motion graphic blogs on Motionographer are, for the most part, easy reads. You can find fun interviews to read about various projects as well as easy step-by-step tips for creating a motion graphic that draws your audience in without fail every time. 

One of our favorite motion graphic blogs on Motionographer is this one on 6 Tips to Grab Attention on Social Media. Here you can find tips for making your motion graphic stand out on social media. 

Motionographics motion graphic blogs also provide plenty of information on marketing strategies. This is insanely useful if you’re new to the animation field and just now getting your name out there. 

Overall, this motion graphic blog is a great way to discover yourself, tap into your creative side, and get moving on some of those projects that you’ve been putting off for a while.

Animation Physics Motion Graphic Blog

The Newton's cradle demonstrating the conservation of momentum by  one sphere at the end hitting the stationary spheres, transmitting a force through them which pushes the last sphere out

Animation Physics GIF 

Animation Physics’ motion graphic blog is one of the best resources I’ve found for starting your character animation journey. It’s a phenomenal resource for those who are new to character design motion graphic. Here’s why. 

This motion graphic blog teaches you the specifics of how a character should both look and move. This is one of the biggest challenges for animators. It’s fairly easy to create a static character, but getting the character to move relatively naturally presents an entirely new set of challenges. 

Animation Physics’ motion graphic blog won’t teach you everything you need to know about character design and movement, but it’s a great resource to learn all the basics as well as some more advanced information. 

This motion graphic blog also educates you on how to take into account the effect of light on your character’s movement – a factor that is often forgotten, especially with those new to creating motion graphic. This is true no matter what type of animations you’re creating – with everything from realistic to stop motion

Another benefit here is that much of this motion graphic blog is comprised of video blogs and tutorials – perfect for those who aren’t the biggest fan of reading or who learn better through watching videos. 

Overall, this motion graphic blog is fantastic for animators who are looking to learn specific techniques on how to make their motion graphic better. Be sure to check them out the next time you’re looking to make massive leaps in your animation design. 

Art of the Title Motion Graphic Blog

If you’re into title creation, this motion graphic blog is an excellent resource. Titles are designed in all shapes and sizes with varying motion effects depending on the movie, book, or show, and titles are everywhere! 

You’ll primarily find examples of various title creations on this motion graphic blog. In most cases, you’ll be able to go behind the scenes of how each of these titles was created. This is fantastic for getting new ideas and finding out how to channel your inner creativity into your motion graphic designs. 

Motion graphic text saying "blue is the warmest color" and fading in and out with a lens flare

Typography Title GIF by MANGOTEETH

The only downside to the Art of Titles motion graphic blog is that it’s limited in content. This blog is still relatively new, and as such, doesn’t have a ton to explore yet, but their information is more than valuable enough to continue to check back for new content. 

Using Motion Graphic Blogs to Become a Better Animator

When you’re looking for resources for becoming a better animator a blog may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but as you’ve seen, they’re actually pretty useful. Look, you’re even reading a blog right now! 

The best part is that blogs aren’t just reading. Most of them contain fun images, and videos, and operate as educational tutorials – making them the perfect option for gaining all the information you need to become a great motion graphic animator. 

Motion graphic blogs can and do contain information on how to create better motion graphics, news, and inspirational stories that discuss the extraordinary creativity of the world around us. 

Whatever you’re looking for in the world of motion graphics, you can be guaranteed to find it in one of the hundreds of animation and motion graphic blogs out there. 

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