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Empowering Animators with AI-Based Animation Techniques

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Animation can be used for video content production in various industries. As an animator, you may have noticed businesses looking into the medium to reach their audience and create videos that go beyond the reach of your imagination. But what businessmen don't know, is that animation - especially GOOD animation - takes time.

To keep up with this, animators can utilize AI-based animation techniques to help them create better videos, faster. Technology is catching up. But it's not going to replace animators, instead it will help them!

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how AI-based animation techniques can help you take your animation skills and services to the next level!

AI-Based Animation Will Disrupt the Animation Industry

ai based animation dares to disrupt the animation industry

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AI-based animation is already disrupting the animation industry. Some are even looking at the technology in hopes to replace traditional animation. Can you imagine animating with not a lick of animation experience?

Animation has always been a creative process that combines technical skill with artistic vision. Some would argue that it's the human touch that brings it to life! However, when it comes to creating realistic performances for animated characters, and other complex animation feats, there are many obstacles that make it difficult for a traditional process to achieve this accurately:

  • Animators need more time than ever before due to increasing complexity in various animation processes.
  • Animators are given limited resources due to budgetary restraints.
  • Animators are losing jobs due to cheaper (other) computer based alternatives for animation like GoAnimate.
  • Animators need to rely on other specialists like riggers, computer scientists, businessmen, etc. just to get the job done.

In order to overcome these obstacles, animators are beginning to look at AI-based animation as a possible solution.

What is AI-Based Animation?

ai based animation is like a robot taking over an animators seat

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AI-Based Animation is a type of animation that uses AI to create animations. Yes it's as simple as that explanation but with a far more complex process behind everything.

It's different from traditional animation, which requires animators to draw every frame by hand and then assemble them into an animated piece.

AI-based animation is based on machine learning and uses algorithms to generate animations. The software uses an existing library of animations, which it then modifies to create new ones.

AI-based animation is beneficial because it is more efficient, faster and cheaper than traditional animations. It also allows animators to focus on other aspects of the creation process rather than having to manually draw every frame by hand.

The Benefits of AI-Based Animation

ai based animation can help animators like a robot helping you

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AI-based animation is a great way to automate repetitive tasks and make your workflow more efficient. It can also be used as a supplement to actual animators' work, allowing them to focus on more creative tasks while the AI handles the less exciting ones.

AI-based animation has many benefits over traditional animation:

  • It's cheaper than traditional methods (which require hiring skilled animators) because most of its costs come from computing power instead of labor costs or materials like paper or pencils.
  • It can be used for certain parts of an animation pipeline (like motion capture), which saves time by automating these processes so you don't need as much human input anymore!

It's also more flexible than traditional animation because it can be used in any kind of project, from film to video games or even scientific visualizations.

Where Does AI-Based Animation Fall Short?

ai based animation can't do everything

GIF by Fox TV via GIPHY

While AI-Based Animation is a powerful tool, it's important to understand that it's not a replacement for animators. AI-Based Animation is still in its infancy and can only do so much. In order to create high-quality animations, you'll still need an expert hand guiding the process.

The best way to think of AI-based animation is as a tool that can be used in the same way animators use pencils, paintbrushes and clay. It can help you create animations faster and with less effort, but it's still up to you to create something great.

How Animators Are Utilizing AI-Based Animations

its not exactly rocket science to use ai based animations

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Animators are using AI-based animations to help improve their work. Animators can use AI-based animations to gain a better understanding of how to animate a character, as well as speed up the process.

Animators have always used reference footage and videos as inspiration for their animation projects. With the rise of machine learning technology, they now have more access than ever before to this kind of information--and it has made all the difference in how animators approach their jobs.

When animators have access to AI-based animation tools, they can use them to create new characters and scenes that are more authentic and realistic than ever before. Did I mention that it's also faster and more efficient? This is especially important for animators who hope one day to work in the film industry or on high-quality video games.

AI-Based Animation Helps Animators, Not Replace Them

ai based animation and real animation dont have to fight like real robots and humans

GIF by South Park via GIPHY

The goal of AI-based animation is not to replace animators, but rather to empower them. Animators can use AI to speed up their process and create more compelling stories.

AI has been used in the past to improve existing animation techniques like cel shading or motion capture by artists. In fact, many of us have probably seen an animated film that uses this technology without knowing it! However, these implementations are limited because they rely on human input for certain aspects of an animated scene--a limitation that makes it difficult for animators' creativity to flourish in full force.

Level Up with AI-Based Animations!

While AI-based animation has the potential to change the world of animation, it's clear that animators will not be replaced by their technology. Instead, they will continue to use these tools as another tool in their arsenal of techniques and styles. The future looks bright for animators as they continue to push boundaries and create amazing works of art with help from AI!

For more information about AI-based animations, as well as answers to any other questions you might have, be sure to follow our blogs, check out our free masterclass, and our Animation Business Accelerator Program, download a copy of our free marketing handbook, and check out our blog on “How to Start an Animation Studio”!

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