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Why Freelancing is Perfect for a Computer Animation Career

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If you're building your computer animation career and you want to accelerate your success, freelancing might be the perfect path for you to take. Freelancing allows you to take on projects in various settings, build connections before you take animation full-time, and so many more things. But what are some of the other benefits of freelancing?

In this blog, we'll go through a few of those benefits and you'll open your eyes to the limitless opportunities that freelancing may present to your computer animation career. Let's jump right into it!

Freelance Animation is a Smart Way to Build Relationships and Earn Money

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Freelance animation is a great way to build relationships and make connections. It's not just about the money - but you can definitely earn when going freelance. You'll learn more about your industry, find out which projects are worth your time and energy, and get access to new clients that could be huge for your career.

In addition to working with others in the animation industry, you can also join a community of freelance animators (who do more than just computer animation) who can give you advice about freelancing and help you network with other professionals in different fields (like art directors or website designers).

Freelance Animation Gives You Options

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The biggest benefit of freelance animation is that you have the freedom to work from anywhere and for a variety of clients. Some freelancers do their best work from home, while others prefer to work at an office. You can even find freelance animators who travel and create animations in different locations around the world - digital nomads, if you will!

You might be able to get a job at a computer animation studio or video game company, but there are also plenty of opportunities for freelancing within your industry as well. In fact, many people who were once employed by studios end up working as independent contractors because they realize how much more flexible freelancing can be than having one company dictate where they live and when they work.

Freelance animators often enjoy having the freedom to collaborate with other animators on projects without being restricted by company rules or policies (like those that require employees to sign NDAs). Being able to choose which projects you want—and what type of animation—also means there’s less pressure on yourself every time you sit down at your desk because it doesn’t feel like “work” anymore!

Build a Niche in Your Computer Animation Career

when you build your niche you satisfy an audience who knows what they want

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Building a niche in your computer animation career is a great way to stand out from other freelancers and set yourself apart from other animators. You can focus on creating specific types of animations or working with certain clients, and the result will be more fulfilling work that keeps you interested in what you do each day.

Think about the skills you have and how they could apply to different areas within computer animation. For example, if you’re very talented at creating 2D character animations, it might make sense for you to focus solely on that type of project rather than trying to take part in all kinds of projects across different mediums. Or perhaps 3D modeling is something that comes naturally to you; why not specialize in making these models?

The important thing when building an animation niche is finding out which parts of your skill set are most valuable; then, use those skills as the basis for building up a client base that values them just as much as you do!

Test Out New Computer Animation Techniques

you can test different computer animation techniques when working freelance

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The beauty of freelancing is that you can try out new techniques to keep your portfolio fresh. You don't have to worry about wasting time on something that doesn't work, because it's not your primary job and there are no deadlines or expectations for you to meet. Practice new techniques on your own time and pick up lessons and experience with each and every new client that you have.

Portfolio Variety to Win Clients

variety is like having a diverse menu

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It's no secret that your portfolio is one of the most important parts of your career as a freelancer. The more diverse your portfolio, the better chance you have at winning clients.

You need to be able to show off your skills in different areas and projects—and not just one or two styles. You also need a variety of clients so you can demonstrate different types of work and how you interact with them on a regular basis.

In order to create an impressive portfolio, it’s important to have multiple projects under your belt (or in your computer). This way, when potential clients visit their site and see all their wonderful work, they will likely be very impressed!

Grow Your Computer Animation Career as You Earn

earning in your freelance animation career is endless

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You can make your own schedule. As a freelancer, you're your own boss and you can decide how much time to spend on each project. If you're a contractor for a studio, that same flexibility will be there for when you need it.

You can grow your computer animation career as you earn. Freelancing lets you take on more responsibility and earn more money by learning new skills or building up your reputation.

Start Your Freelance Computer Animation Career Today!

Freelance computer animation is a great way to build your computer animation career and make money from home at the same time. If you’re looking for more clients, or want more flexibility with how you work, freelance can be an excellent option.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity to try new techniques on smaller projects or even test out new ideas before committing them to larger projects for clients. In addition, freelancing will help you expand your portfolio and build relationships with other freelancers who may lead onto larger contracts down the road.

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