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How to Write a Guest Blog Post as an Animator

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Are you an animator who has writing skills? Do you want another source of income as a freelance animator? Does your animation business need a little traffic and exposure? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then you should consider writing guest blog posts as an animator.

If you own an animation business or studio, it’s valuable to consider starting your own blog or writing guest blog posts. This is a great way to create brand awareness by promoting your business and getting more traffic to your page!

Writing a guest blog post can be beneficial regardless of whether you have an animation business or not. If this applies to you, then you can explore the opportunity of writing guest blog posts as an animator.

Writing guest blog posts provides you with the benefits of growth in your animation career. It’s also a good source of income as a freelance animator.

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to write a guest blog post and how it can benefit you as an animator. 

The Importance of Blogs for Animation Businesses

a typewriter that has typed "to blog... or not to blog" as we tackle the importance of blogs of animation businesses

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

If you’re interested in reaching a wider audience, creating an animation blog that posts valuable content consistently will open your animation business to new opportunities, greater traffic, and a stronger brand image.

To reap these benefits from your blog, you must work toward making it successful. A blog can only become truly successful if you work on it consistently, post valuable content frequently, and design a welcoming page.

The biggest importance of a blog is that it can be used as a marketing tool. You can use it as a platform to promote and market your business and its services. This can be achieved through the use of SEO, along with other digital marketing strategies

This will get your page noticed by the right target audience who are looking for your content. The more people who see your blog posts, the more likely you are to get potential animation clients.

Remember to showcase both your expertise and variety, as this shows potential animation clients that you’re a professional and versatile business to work with.

It also educates existing animation clients about the industry. Not only is a blog useful for an animation business, but it’s also beneficial to its animation clients. This platform provides the opportunity to educate your clients about the animation industry. 

This helps them to learn about what they’re looking for, potentially making your job easier, as clients have a more concise and accurate depiction of what they want from your services.

It also builds a stronger relationship with your animation client, as they begin to trust your animation expertise. This can result in more clients, as well as repeat clients.

It’s valuable for your animation business to have a website. We live in a digital age where having a website is crucial for your business’s success. Learning how to create a website for animators is easier than you may think.  

Your website helps you to stay relevant in the animation industry, as you can reach a larger audience. You’re also able to keep up to date with your customer’s queries and concerns.

To stay in touch with your customer’s feedback, you can use a live chat on your website. This is a great way to stay in touch with your clients professionally and interactively.

Using a blog is an effective way to reach more people online who are interested in the animation industry. If you create relevant, professional, and enticing content, you will be able to convert your blog viewers into paying animation clients in no time.

What Is A Guest Blog Post?

a man rubbing his chin wondering what guest blogging is

GIF by Entertainment Tonight via GIPHY

You may be asking yourself what is guest blogging?

A guest blog post is when a blog includes content written by independent writers. An animation business may have a blog that they use to attract animation clients, but they may not have the skills or time to produce consistent blog content frequently.

They then outsource their task of blog writing to other freelancers such as an animator like yourself who can produce content for their blog with your animation knowledge.

Anyone is capable of producing guest blog posts, especially if you have time available to do so. You just need to be willing to do your research about blog post writing. Learn basic blog writing techniques and with time you’ll become a skilled guest blogger.

A great way to get your animation business out there is by promoting it through guest blog posts for other animation blogs. These guest blog posts will contain positive information about your animation business, so visitors of the website feel interested in taking a look at your business! 

Posting guest blog posts on bigger animation platforms helps to grow your audience, and having this connection with other animation businesses opens the door for more opportunities to grow together! 

The Benefits of Writing a Guest Blog for Animators

a girl writing a guest blog post happily

GIF by Carolynn via GIPHY

We’ve discussed how beneficial a blog can be for your animation business, but what if you’re not in the stage of your life where you’re able to start your own animation business or blog? You don’t need an animation business yet to create blog content.

Writing guest blog posts for animation businesses is a great way to explore blogging without having the stress and responsibility of running your own website.

If you have an interest in writing and you’d like to explore your passion for animation in other ways, then writing guest blog posts is an avenue you should consider.

There are many benefits to writing guest blog posts. We’ll only discuss a few that you may find valuable to you and your career. If you’re just starting your career in the animation industry, writing guest blog posts can be a great starting point for getting involved with the industry.

This introduces you to the animation community, as you’re able to learn more about the industry through the content that you write. You may even find that you’re able to make valuable connections for your career.

Writing guest blog posts for animation can give you the confidence you need to launch your animation career and develop your own business.

If you’re further on in your career, but you need a boost or change of experience, writing guest blog posts can be just what you need. It helps you to find new elements of the animation industry, as well as it can inspire your passion for animation!

As an animator, it’s important to find your animation niche. Blogging for animation businesses can help you to explore different animation niches. This helps you to be more decisive about your animation career.

Writing guest blog posts is a great source of income. Although working as a freelance animator can be lucrative, you can also experience financial dry spells. There are many different ways to make money as a freelance animator, and writing guest blog posts is one of them.

Having side hustles as an animator is important, as it helps you to provide for yourself, even when you find yourself temporarily out of work.

Writing guest blog posts is just one type of side hustle to look into. The animation industry provides a lot of other side hustling opportunities such as creating online animation courses and selling animated NFTs.

You can use your gained knowledge for your own animation blog. If you’re not ready to start an animation business or blog now, you shouldn’t close yourself off to the opportunity.

Writing guest blog posts is a good trial run, as it can help you to discover whether it’s something you may be interested in further along the line of your animation career.

When you’re looking toward starting an animation business or furthering your animation career as a freelancer, we recommend trying out our animation accelerator program. This will help you to find your feet as an animation business or freelance animator! 

If you’re an animator who had a love for animation but struggles with the business aspect of the industry, you’ll find writing guest posts can benefit you in the following ways:

  • You learn more about business.

    Believe it or not, blogs contain a large element of business. Writing guest blog posts allows you to learn more about the ins and outs of an animation business. This helps you to gain the confidence you need to start your own animation business. 
  • You may find different passions in the animation industry.

    You're probably used to your same old tricks as an animator. When you write guest blog posts you could find a passion in writing. This could inspire you to try writing animation scripts. You could explore different animation jobs that require you to utilize your writing skills.
  • You learn how to improve as an animator.

    To be a good animator, it’s important to read and write about it. We learn from reading work written by others, doing research, and writing from our own knowledge. Doing this will help you to improve as an animator, as you’ll learn a lot about your craft, and what it takes to succeed.

Steps on How To Write a Guest Blog Post as an Animator

someone writing a guest blog post for an animation business on their laptop

Photo by Tony Schnagl from Pexels

Learning how to write a guest blog post is straightforward. You can approach this the same way you would if you were writing for your blog. Writing a guest blog post is simple, but this doesn’t mean you should put less effort into it.

Your quality of work determines whether animation businesses are happy with your guest blog post or not. If they are, you can build a relationship with them, allowing you to write for them frequently!

To start writing guest blogs, you need to find businesses that are looking for animators to produce blog content for them. Do your research by looking online for animation businesses that are in search of a blog writer. 

You may find that you struggle to find jobs specifically for animation blogs, so you could use this as an opportunity to venture out into different topics. You can find blog writing freelance jobs through platforms such as Content Writing Jobs.

If you find any animation blogs, you can reach out to them. Sometimes you need to take the initiative to find the right opportunities for your career. If you’re from an animation business that is looking to do guest blog posts for promotion, then you can use platforms such as Outreach.

From there, you send emails to these businesses with similar audiences, proposing to write a guest blog post for them that is filled with valuable marketing content.

At the end of the day, you benefit from the exposure, and they benefit from getting an effective blog post that drives more traffic to their website!

When you’re learning how to write a guest blog post, it’s important to remember that research is key.

Even though you’re an animator, you don’t know all the facts about the animation business and industry. Doing proper research will help you to create valuable and accurate blog posts that animation businesses are happy with.

Your research should contain a variety of sources so that you can provide reliable content. When you use research, it’s important to write the information in your own words.

Doing research isn’t about copying and pasting other writers’ work but rather creating your own fresh content by using the knowledge and writing of others.

When writing guest blog posts, it’s important to take a look at their previous articles. Before you write for them, you need to get a good idea of their themes, tone, and style of writing.

They may even have writing guidelines they want you to follow. This will help you to write a guest blog post that fits into their blog nicely.

You can also research by checking out other animation business blogs, as this can show you firsthand what blog posts for animators look like. These are some animation blogs you can check out. 

SEO is something very important to consider when you’re writing a guest blog post. Most animation blog owners want guest blog posts that use SEO. They’re outsourcing your skills to produce blog posts that gain as much traffic as possible.

SEO writing can be tricky to get the hang of at first, but with practice, you’ll find yourself producing SEO blog posts with ease! With time you’ll learn SEO writing tips such as knowing how to use relevant and effective keywords and understanding the importance of internal links.

Guest Blog Writing Tips for Animators

an animator who is reading and writing a guest blog post

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Although writing guest blog posts is similar to writing personal blog posts, there are a few differences. These are some tips you should take into consideration when writing a guest blog post:

  • Create a guest bio.

    A guest bio is a small summary of who you are that may be posted with the blog post you write. You should write a concise description that lets potential clients know about your background, experience, and qualifications. 
  • Include your website and social media platforms.

    When you create your guest bio, you have the opportunity to include your social links. Use your website and links to social media platforms that you want to be seen. 
  • Learning the balance when promoting.

    The objective of a guest blog post is to attracts clients to your website, but you also have to make it suited to what is wanted from you. Ultimately, the animation business wants valuable blog posts that grow their business, while still creating brand awareness for your business.

Why You Should Consider Writing a Guest Blog Post as an Animator

Using guest blog posts is extremely beneficial for both animation businesses and animators.

For animation businesses, they’re a great way to promote their business and gain more traffic and potential animation clients. You’re able to effectively get your brand out there on other platforms while making potential connections with other animation businesses.

As an animator, you learn more about the animation industry, as well as you can use it as a great starting point or stepping stone in your animation career. You get to learn a lot about animation businesses and the industry, without having to manage a blog on your own!

If you’re interested in learning more about guest blog posting, the business of animation, and how you can succeed in this industry, we recommend that you watch our free masterclass and download a copy of our free marketing handbook.

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