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Top Animation Channels: A Must-Watch List for Animators!

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"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

Stephen Hawking

Animation, a world filled with boundless creativity and dynamic evolution, is a field that never ceases to inspire. With an array of animation channels available, offering a rich tapestry of content, any animator – whether a seasoned professional, a budding freelance artist, or an animation studio owner – can find a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment. 

This comprehensive guide is your ticket to the must-watch list of top animation channels, a crucial resource in your animation journey.

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Embarking on the Journey: The Value of Animation Channels

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Animation channels serve as more than mere platforms for viewing animated content. They are vast repositories of creativity, inspiration, and education. 

For those facing challenges in their animation careers, such as a lack of experience, the need for higher-paying clients, or a deficiency in essential business skills, these channels can offer unparalleled insights and guidance.

1. Animation Mentor: Your Guide to Professional Wisdom

Animation Mentor: Your Guide to Professional Wisdom

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Animation Mentor stands tall as one of the most respected animation channels available today. It provides a host of tutorials, webinars, and interviews with seasoned industry professionals, making it an invaluable asset for freelancers and studio owners alike. 

For those who are on the brink of their animation careers and are seeking that spark to kickstart their journey, Animation Mentor could be the source of inspiration you've been searching for. Each video serves as a masterclass, providing you with the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

2. The Royal Ocean Film Society: Deep Dive into Animated Narratives

The Royal Ocean Film Society: Deep Dive into Animated Narratives

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The Royal Ocean Film Society sets itself apart from other animation channels with its intricate and insightful analysis of animated films. It dives deep into the captivating world of visual storytelling, an aspect of animation that is often overlooked. 

For those grappling with the narrative aspects of their work or seeking to refine their storytelling skills, this channel is a goldmine of information. By exploring the intricacies of successful animated narratives, you can elevate your own work and create compelling stories that resonate with your audience.

3. Proko: Mastering the Art of Drawing and Anatomy

Proko: Mastering the Art of Drawing and Anatomy

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Another gem in the world of animation channels is Proko. Focused on drawing and anatomy, Proko provides comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorials that are vital for every animator, regardless of their skill level. 

If you're an animator struggling with character design or you're looking to enhance your drawing techniques, this channel can be your personal mentor. By mastering the fundamentals of drawing and anatomy, you can breathe life into your characters and make your animations more engaging and believable.

4. Blender Guru: Stepping into the 3D Animation Universe

Blender Guru: Stepping into the 3D Animation Universe

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If your animation journey is steering you toward the world of 3D animation, Blender Guru is a channel you cannot afford to miss. This animation channel offers extensive tutorials on using Blender, a widely popular 3D animation software. 

The detailed guides and practical tips provided by Blender Guru can help you navigate the complexities of 3D animation and create stunning visual pieces that captivate your audience.

5. New Frame Plus: Exploring the Intersection of Animation and Gaming

New Frame Plus: Exploring the Intersection of Animation and Gaming

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New Frame Plus is an animation channel that meticulously dissects the animation found in video games. For animators with a keen interest in the gaming industry or those looking to diversify their animation skills, this channel is a must-watch. 

6. Bloop Animation: Practical Guidance for Animators

Bloop Animation: Practical Guidance for Animators

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Bloop Animation is another valuable channel in the lineup of top animation channels. Bloop Animation offers a wide range of tutorials and guides focusing on the practical aspects of creating animations. From beginner to advanced levels, it caters to a broad spectrum of animators. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of animation software or you're unsure how to bring your vision to life, Bloop Animation can provide the practical guidance you need. This channel serves as a reliable toolkit for animation, assisting you in overcoming technical challenges and enhancing your skills.

7. The Animation Workshop: Promoting Creative Expression

The Animation Workshop: Promoting Creative Expression

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The Animation Workshop channel, hosted by VIA University College, is a creative oasis for animators. This channel regularly features student projects, providing a unique perspective on animation and fresh ideas that might inspire your next project. Additionally, it offers behind-the-scenes content and making-of videos that provide insight into the creative process. 

For animators who may be struggling with creative blocks or want to understand different animation styles, The Animation Workshop is a great resource. It celebrates the diversity and creativity in the world of animation, encouraging you to explore new concepts and techniques in your own work.

8. Howard Wimshurst: A Dynamic Blend of Animation and Artistry

Howard Wimshurst: A Dynamic Blend of Animation and Artistry

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Howard Wimshurst's channel is another gem among top animation channels that offers a dynamic blend of animation and artistry. Wimshurst is an animator and illustrator who shares his wealth of knowledge through detailed tutorials, project breakdowns, and insightful animation tips. His channel is particularly valuable for those interested in 2D animation and digital drawing.

If you're looking to refine your artistic style, enhance your animation techniques, or simply gain insights from a fellow animator's journey, Howard Wimshurst's channel is worth exploring. His passion for animation shines through in every video, providing you with inspiration, knowledge, and a sense of community in your animation journey.

By understanding the nuances of animation in the gaming context, you can broaden your skill set and potentially tap into new and exciting opportunities in the animation industry.

Animation Channels and Your Path Forward

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Following top animation channels can significantly contribute to your growth as an animator. They offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that can help you overcome various challenges in your animation career.

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Remember, the world of animation is vast and ever-evolving, and with the right resources, you're well on your way to making your mark in this thrilling industry. Explore these top animation channels, join the Animation Business Accelerator Program, and embrace the journey to becoming a successful animator. Your story is just beginning.

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