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Unveiling the Top 10 YouTube Animated Series of All Time

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"Animation is a way of telling stories that can make us laugh, cry, or think about our own lives in new ways."

Brenda Chapman

Animation is a captivating and immersive form of storytelling, with the ability to bring characters and worlds to life like no other medium can. Over the years, this art form has evolved, touching hearts and sparking imaginations in new and innovative ways. 

With the advent of platforms like YouTube, animators have been given a global stage to share their creativity, resulting in a plethora of diverse and captivating YouTube animated series. 

Today, we will embark on an exciting and inspiring journey as we explore the top 10 YouTube animated series of all time.

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The Revolutionary Impact of YouTube Animated Series

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Animation has held a special place in the hearts of audiences for generations, captivating us with its unique blend of visual artistry, emotion, and narrative. The advent of YouTube has allowed this medium to spread its wings further, providing a platform where animation can be shared with millions around the world with just the click of a button. 

A YouTube animated series has become a popular and influential medium for creative expression and storytelling, often serving as a launchpad for burgeoning animation careers. These series not only entertain but also inspire, showing us the power of creativity and the impact of compelling storytelling.

1. Simon's Cat

YouTube animated series: Simon's Cat

Image by YouTube

Simon's Cat is a charming and delightful YouTube animated series that has managed to touch the hearts of audiences across the globe. This series, brought to life by the creative genius of Simon Tofield, captures the humorous and often chaotic antics of a curious and mischievous cat. 

Its light-hearted, comedic take on a pet's everyday adventures resonates with animal lovers and comedy enthusiasts alike, making it a favorite among YouTube animated series. If you enjoy a good laugh and have a soft spot for endearing animal antics, Simon's Cat is a series you cannot afford to miss.

2. Alan Becker's Animator vs. Animation

YouTube animated series: Alan Becker's Animator vs. Animation

Image by YouTube

Alan Becker's Animator vs. Animation is a unique and innovative series that stands out in the world of animation. It showcases the humorous and often tumultuous struggle between an animator and his creation, providing a fascinating meta-commentary on the creative process.

This series is a testament to Becker's creative prowess, as he manages to deliver a captivating narrative while also offering insightful and witty commentary on the trials and tribulations of animators. It's a series that will not only entertain but also inspire, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the animation process.

3. TheOdd1sOut

YouTube animated series: TheOdd1sOut

Image via YouTube

TheOdd1sOut, the brainchild of James Rallison, is a YouTube animated series that manages to infuse humor and relatability into slice-of-life storytelling. Through his simple yet distinctive art style, Rallison shares autobiographical stories that manage to resonate with audiences worldwide. 

TheOdd1sOut has garnered millions of views, a testament to its ability to connect with viewers through its relatable narratives and engaging storytelling style. Whether you're an animator, a storytelling enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys a good laugh, TheOdd1sOut is a series worth adding to your watchlist.

4. Eddsworld

YouTube animated series: Eddsworld

Image via YouTube

Eddsworld is a British YouTube animated series that takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of zany adventures. Named after its late creator Edd Gould, the series features a group of friends navigating through various absurd and humorous scenarios. 

Eddsworld demonstrates the limitless possibilities of imagination and creativity, serving as an inspiration to animators and creative minds alike. Its unique blend of wacky humor, appealing animation style, and engaging narratives have made it a favorite among YouTube animated series viewers.

5. Pencilmation

YouTube animated series: Pencilmation

Image via YouTube

Pencilmation is an animated series that showcases the power of simplicity in storytelling. Using pencil-drawn characters and engaging in various humorous and often absurd scenarios, this YouTube animated series manages to captivate viewers with its unique charm. 

Each episode is a testament to the effectiveness of visual storytelling, even when stripped down to its most basic elements. The series is a perfect blend of light-hearted comedy and clever animation techniques, making it an inspiring watch for aspiring animators and a delightful experience for viewers of all ages.

6. Glove and Boots

YouTube animated series: Glove and Boots

Image via YouTube

Glove and Boots is a standout YouTube animated series that combines puppetry and animation to create a unique viewing experience. The series revolves around two puppets, Mario and Fafa the Groundhog, whose delightful antics and humorous interactions entertain viewers of all ages.

What sets this series apart is its distinctive style and clever writing, seamlessly blending the art of puppetry with the visual charm of animation. It's a testament to the versatility of animation and the limitless potential of creative storytelling.

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7. ExplosmEntertainment's Cyanide & Happiness

YouTube animated series: ExplosmEntertainment's Cyanide & Happiness

Image via YouTube

ExplosmEntertainment's Cyanide & Happiness is a YouTube animated series that isn't afraid to push boundaries. Translating their popular webcomic strips into animated shorts, this series offers a unique blend of dark comedy and memorable characters. 

The series uses its unique style and bold humor to tackle various themes and scenarios, often with a twist. Its willingness to break conventions and its distinctive approach to storytelling has earned it a dedicated fanbase, making it a significant player in the YouTube animated series landscape.

8. asdfmovie

YouTube animated series: asdfmovie

Image by YouTube

Created by TomSka, asdfmovie is a series of short sketches known for its random humor and quick pacing. Each episode is a burst of delightful absurdity, with unpredictable scenarios and offbeat humor. 

As a staple in the YouTube animated series community, asdfmovie has garnered a vast viewership, demonstrating the enduring appeal of humor and creativity in animation. It's a series that promises laughs and showcases the potential of short-form animation.

9. Bravest Warriors

YouTube animated series: Bravest Warriors

Image via YouTube

From the creators of "Adventure Time," Bravest Warriors takes viewers on an intergalactic journey with a group of teenage heroes. 

This YouTube animated series combines engaging narratives, distinctive animation style, and rich character development to create an immersive viewing experience. Its thoughtful storytelling and unique approach to animation have won it critical acclaim, making it a standout series in the realm of animated adventure series.

10. StoryCorps

YouTube animated series: StoryCorps

Image via YouTube

StoryCorps is a moving YouTube animated series that brings real-life interviews to life through animation. This series showcases a wide range of human experiences, from poignant to uplifting, providing viewers with a diverse and heartfelt exploration of life's many facets. 

It's a testament to the power of storytelling and the emotional depth that animation can convey, proving that YouTube animated series can be not just entertaining, but also profoundly touching.

The Lasting Impact of YouTube Animated Series

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These YouTube animated series not only entertain but also inspire aspiring animators and creative minds around the world. They showcase the power of creativity, the impact of compelling storytelling, and the profound connection that can be formed between a creator and their audience. 

They serve as a beacon of inspiration, showing that with passion, creativity, and the right skills, you can bring your stories to life and reach a global audience.

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