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The Do's and Don'ts of Animation Company Names

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Animation is a big part of entertainment today; it is a great way for people to learn about human interaction from an abstract perspective. The best studios can survive the competitive industry. Before ambitious animators take the step of going independent and opening their own studio, brainstorming animation company names is a significant consideration.

Thinking about their niche, animation style, and target audience can help aspiring animation studio owners narrow the naming process. A successful animation company name is catchy, appealing, and memorable to represent the company's complex visual concepts and abstract environments in a way that helps its audience feel and understand them.

Understanding the dos and don'ts of animation company names helps animators come up with titles that make audiences remember their studio against the competition; therefore, they need to think and decide on a creative and intriguing name. This blog helps animators aspiring to own studios find an excellent animation company name.

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How to Brainstorm Animation Business Names

A successful business name can create a lasting impression. Finding the right name can be a challenging task, but with the recommendations in this article, animators can be on their way to discovering the perfect name for their business, brand, or product.

One-Word Animation Company Names

Simple and direct names are great for engaging with and retaining the target audience. People don't want to vocalize a long title that sounds exhausting. A one-word name gets the point across quickly.

Rhyming Animation Company Names

Names with a cool rhythm or sound effect are more likely to be remembered. A rhyming name triggers the "musical side" of the brain, which likes to hear patterns, so people tend to remember information that sounds fun and interesting.

Cartoon Animation Company Names

Studios specializing in 2D animation commonly have names that highlight their production preferences. Cartoons make up a big part of the animation industry, so a name that represents fun and creative projects is essential.

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Dos of Animation Company Names:

  • Animators struggling to find a sizeable list of names can create one-word animation company names by combining two or three words to make one-word names for the business and product.
  • Generating creative ideas for rhyming names requires more time and effort. The 'do' for creating rhyming animation company names is thinking about what rhyming techniques to use for the root words.
  • Cartoons are funny, stimulating, and gripping to a younger audience, so, to create cartoon animation company names, animators can combine positive descriptive words with the root words to invoke emotion.

Don'ts of Animation Company Names

  • Audiences will likely remember names with meaning in the future, so animators don't want to overlook their animation specialization. Cartoon animation company names should have quirky and fun-sounding titles, and 3D company names can choose root words relating to the business mission or storytelling style.
  • A crucial don't is going with a long and complicated name; a good standard length one-word name. or a company name under three words long helps with memorability and directness.
  • Don't use your legal name. It may be suitable in consulting and legal fields, but animation company names should intrigue people. A good company name helps animators define what their business is set out to do.
South Park character speaking about how a company name should never have seven words in its title

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More administratively, the below dos and don'ts of animation company names are vital to fall in with for the business to be legally compliant and thrive.

Do: Conduct a name search and register a trademark

In some instances, even the most seemingly original name is not. A name search verifies if the name, or a comparable variation, has already been trademarked. Without the search, businesses could be facing a trademark infringement case and not even realize it. To ensure your business name is not stolen or replicated by others, consider acquiring a trademark. This will safeguard your company's distinct identity against infringement and theft of assets.

Do: Consider how the company name looks and sounds

It is important to think about how the company name appears, from a logo to social media handles to your business website. Thereafter, consider how does it sound? Will it appeal to the target audience and reflect what your business offers? Is it meaningful to your audience? Is there a form of alliteration here?

Do: Be patient with time

Animators, don't rush yourselves; if needed for more brainstorming time, come back to the drawing board often with fresh ideas.

Don't: Complicate the spelling

Choosing a name with at least one consonant and between five to ten letters in length can make it easier to remember the spelling. Simplifying the company name helps imprint the company in audiences.

Dos and Don'ts of Choosing Unique Animation Company Names

Arnold pointing and saying "well, your company's name is on it"

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As an animation studio owner, realize your business name is the first thing people see, whether in advertisements, social media, digital platforms, and film credits. Hence, following the dos and don'ts of animation company names helps studios stand out and resonate with viewers.

The naming process is a big step to take when first opening an animation studio and may seem intimidating at first approach, and this blog simplifies how animators can hack the creative process of name-finding.

Generally, animation company names need to highlight the studio's mission. Audiences are interested in what the business is about in the entertainment industry. For instance, do you produce cartoons or animations for mature audiences? The specialty is critical when choosing a relevant name.

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